Ebonie Baxter Death Confirmed: Her Son And Net Worth Details Updated

Ebonie Baxter obituary: Who is her son? Netizens are questioning if who is Ebonie Baxter’s son made headlines. She has been trending after the demise of her son. Let’s find.

Ebonie is best perceived as the wife of eminent YouTuber Byron Baxter. In fact, she herself is a prominent social media influencer like her husband.

The entire family trended all over the web now and then with huge fan followers.

Recently, the Baxter family stirred the web after their son, Cyrus, at 24.

Obituary: Who Is Ebonie Baxter Son?

Ebonie Baxter repleted the public domain after her son, Cyrus Baxter’s death.

He was also well-recognized as Cyrus Russell, who was a part of Baxter’s family. Cyrus is not the only child of Ebonie and her husband, Byron Baxter.

The couple shares three children, Cyrus, Byron, and Arvaeyah Patricia, from their marital relationship.

Admittedly, Cyrus Baxter was the eldest child of the Baxter couple. He was a graduate of Discovery High School.

Currently, the entire world is grieving and mourning his untimely death.

In fact, Ebonie was the pillar of her son Cyrus who motivated him immensely, as stated by the news.

She is completely shattered and heartbroken to the core.

Ebonie Baxter Net Worth Revealed

The total net worth of Ebonie Baxter is assessed to be in six figures dollars.

Having said that, the precise sum of assets is yet to be determined thus far.

Baxter family runs the Baxter Boys YouTube channel, which has amassed 123k subscribers to date. The aforementioned family channel garners massive views in every video.

As of which, we can assume they must earn a decent sum from the monetized channel.

To boot, the family also runs their own brand and sells merch online. Ebonie is herself a web sensation which adds to her net worth.

What Is Ebonie Baxter Son Death Cause? How Did He Die?

Ebonie Baxter unveiled and substantiated the death of her son Cyrus Baxter via Facebook.

The mother of two goes by the full name Ebonie Marie Baxter on Facebook.

Various news surfaced after Ebonie’s confirmation in regards to her son Cyrus’ death. Besides that, the family has confirmed his death on their official Instagram page as well.

Cyrus passed away in a car accident, as stated by several news portals.

Ebonie unveiled the tragic news with an emotional post that silenced his fans and friends. She revealed the reason to be mental issues that Cyrus had been dealing with.

Reportedly, he had been going through depression after breaking up with his ex-partner, Deja Hart. In fact, the family’s channel also updated with a video of Cyrus taking his own life battling depression.