Elcid Evidente

Quick Facts

Full Name Elcid Evidente
Birth Name Elcid
Profession housewife
Nationality Fillipino
Ethnicity Filipino

Elcid Evidente has grabbed popularity as the mother of the famous Ranz Kyle who is a famous child artist of the Filipino. He has grabbed the popularity for being a singer, actor, and dancer of the Filipino at such an early age. He has risen his fame through the songs like Meant For you, Adik Si Clarence, Hi Good Evening, Hello, I love you, and many others.

Evidente’s son Ranz is also well known for being a social media personality. He is a social media influencer who has gained a lot of fame and recognition from social media having a huge number of subscribers and followers.

How was Elcid Childhood?

Ranz Kyle’s mother was born in the Philippines. She hasn’t, however, shared her precise birthdate or whereabouts on social media. She hasn’t disclosed any details about her parents or siblings on social media either.

What is Elcid heeight and Weight?

Evidente has a highly endearing and seductive disposition. She wears her hair in a long, black style. She is much more beautiful because of her long, black, shiny hair.

And she has a flat nose and black eyes, which have enhanced her superb looks and beauty. Being the mother of five children and not working in the glamour industry, she has worked hard to keep her figure in good shape.

Evidente on Twitter

Compared to other social media platforms, Twitter is where the famous mother Evidente is most active. On her official Twitter account, she has more than 200 followers.

On her official Twitter account, she shares pictures of her spouse, kids, and pets. She uses the Twitter handle @elcidguerrero to share adorable pictures of her kids as little children.

Who is Evidente Firtst Husband?

Elcid Evidente’s first husband, Mr. Nino Guerrero, is a teacher by trade. They were married. In a similar vein, Evidente is the family’s loving and caring mother in addition to being the housekeeper.

Elcid Evidente with her first husband Nino Guerrero. Photo source: Twitter @ElcidEGuerrero

She hasn’t, however, had an opinion on their decision to dissolve their marriage.

Who is Elcid Daughter?

Filipino dancer, singer, and social media sensation Niana Guerrero is well-known. Through songs like Mayo Slide, Great Day, SMILE, New Jam, Dip, and many others, she has gained popularity. She was born on January 27, 2006, in Quezon City, which is a Philippine city on the Guadalupe Plateau northeast of Manila.

She has a solid reputation as a social media personality. Because of her enormous amount of subscribers, she has become a well-known and well-recognized social media influencer.

Instagram of Elcid’s Daughter

On her official Instagram account @nianaguerrero, Niana Guerrero has 14.1 million followers. On her official Instagram account, she publishes pictures of her family, her dogs, as well as her traveling, dining, and enjoying herself, dancing, and having a good time with him.

She appears to love creatures that she comes across randomly on Instagram, as well as the outdoors, socializing with friends, and having fun. She frequently uploads footage of herself swimming and dancing on the beach.

On TikTok, Elcid’s Daughter

On her official Tiktok account, nianaguerrero, Niana Guerrero has 35.1 million followers. She uploads videos of herself dancing alone as well as dancing with her brother and pals.

On her TikTok account, she also shares brevity versions of her songs, vlogs, and videos of currently popular songs. She doesn’t let her followers down by posting videos on a daily basis to her TikTok account.

Elcid’s Birthday Wish by Niana

According to her Instagram posts, the dancer Niana Guerrero has a close relationship with her mother. She appears to love her mother much more than her father, based on her Instagram posts.

Niana Guerrero’s birthday was celebrated by Elcid Evidente and her daughter. Instagram user @nianaguerrero, source of image

Niana captioned a picture of her and her mother with the flower bouquet that she shared on Instagram.

”mom I just wanna say thank you for the physical, emotional, and spiritual support that you provide every day I lovee youuuu bff foeva ❤️ happy mothers day!! and to everyone else, we wish you and ur fam a meaningful mothers day celebration 🥰”

Elcid’s current spouse

After divorcing her first spouse Nino Guerrero, who is the biological father of Niana Guerrero, Elcid Evidente married Lanz Ongsee. She has kept her first husband’s divorce from public view. However, she is contently relishing her second marriage.

Children of Evidente With her first husband Nino, Evidente gave birth to Natalia Guerrero, Niana Guerrero, Nina Stephanie Guerrero, and Nia Espaola Guerrero. However, Elcid and the kids from her first marriage to Nino get along well.

With her second spouse Lanz, she has produced two children. She is the mother of Ranz Kyle and Chelsea Hilary Evidente Ongsee, also known as Ranz Kyle and Viniel Evidente Ongsee.

How much is Elcid Net Worth?

Despite Elcid Evidente’s lack of a lucrative career, her daughter Niana Guererro has a $3 million fortune. As a successful singer, dancer, and vlogger, she has access to a lot of resources. She does not operate a business of her own or undertake any other activities that would allow her to earn money aside from her work.

Ranz Guerrero, another son of Elucid, has a net worth of $3.1 million. His successful profession as an actor, singer, dancer, and social media influencer has given him access to such sums. In addition to his job, he does vlogs that bring in money.

Evidente’s Son Ranz On Social Media

On his official Instagram account @ranzkyle, Ranz Kyle has 5.7 million followers. On his official Instagram account, he shares pictures of his fiancée, his family, and his travels while eating, drinking, dancing, and having a good time.

He appears to love animals that he comes across while traveling, drinking with friends, and taking pictures of the desert for his Instagram account. He frequently uploads footage of himself swimming and dancing on the beach.

Additionally, he has a Twitter account. Her official Twitter account, @WORLDOFRANZTERS, has 16.6k followers. He tweets pictures of various foods as well as videos of him dancing alone, with his sister, and with friends.

Bonding Between Evidente’s Children Ranz Kyle and Niana, despite the fact that she is his half-sister, have a close relationship. Although they did not share the same father, they did share the same mother.

Niana Guerrero, a daughter of Elcid Evidente, and Ranz Kyle, a son, are seen together on Ranz Kyle’s birthday. Instagram user @nianaguerrero, source of image

On their social media, they appear to have a close relationship. Together, they spend time together and create dancing videos and vlogs. Niana wished her brother a happy birthday on Instagram, demonstrating how much they care for one another.

She shared a picture of her and his brother holding a cake on Instagram with the remark, “Happy Birthday, Brother.”

“happy happy birthday to my big brother 🥳 thank u for being the best Kuya ever and for being there for me ❤️ hope u enjoyed today’s celebration and ps watch out for the vlog heheh finna be lit 🤟🏼”

Vlogs from Son Ranz of Evidente

On his Youtube channel, Ranz Kyle posts vlogs about eating, traveling, and dancing with his sister Niana. He also records vlogs in which he tries on various outfits and talks about his travels to various new locations. Additionally, he publishes amusing and surprise films with his partner. With his sister and girlfriend, he creates more videos while driving.

Along with his buddies, he often creates challenge films and Mukbang videos in which he tries various foods. On his official YouTube account Ranz Kyle, which has more than 1 million subscribers, he publishes his vlogs.

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