Elisabeth Rioux

Elisabeth Rioux is a Canadian bikini model, Instagram star, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur. Elisabeth Rioux is the owner of the ‘Hoaka Swimmer’ bathing suit line. Her next venture as an entrepreneur is a lingerie line called ‘BAMBOO UNDERWEAR.’ Elisabeth Rioux also has a YouTube channel with 243k subscribers.

How old is Elisabeth Rioux?

Elisabeth Rioux is now 23 years old. She was born on December 20, 1996, in Canada. She hasn’t disclosed any family information. As a result, we have no idea who her parents are.

Rioux was born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Elisabeth is a Canadian nationality who was raised in Canada. Her sister is Chloe Rioux. Both sisters have taken the same path. Chloe is also an Instagrammer. Elisabeth has kept her childhood private.

She is an avid traveler who enjoys visiting beaches on vacation. Gorgeous Rious had shared a vlog and photos from her recent trip to Costa Rica with her friends Alicia Moffet and Noemie Lacerte. Her favorite vacation destination is Costa Rica.

Rioux adores the dog. Elisabeth and her boyfriend, Bryan, have adopted two Siberian huskies, Cherry and Royce. She considers her dogs to be family members, and they have recently welcomed Maylie into their fold. She adores dogs to such an extent that she may be vegan. When it comes to her other passions, photography and tattoos are at the top of the list. She has tattoos on her belly and right hand.

She attended business school for her education. However, the name of her educational institution has yet to be revealed.

How much is Elisabeth Rioux Net Worth?

In terms of awards, she has yet to receive any. But, like any other Hollywood celebrity, she has received love from her fans.

According to Celebreellife, her net worth as of February 2020 is $1 million. She has an Instagram account that has been verified. As a result, advertisers pay her for making posts. Sponsorships range from $3,760.5 to $6,267.5. According to socialblade.com, her yearly income from Youtube ranges between $714 and $11.4K.

Boyfriend of Elisabeth Rioux

Gorgeous and daring People are interested in Elisabeth’s relationship status. It may be disheartening for boys to learn that she has already been taken. She has been in a relationship with Bryan McCormick since 2017. Bryan is also a model from Monaco.

Mostly, he appears in Rioux’s videos. Both are open about their relationship. They never cease to astound people with their love and affection for one another. The adorable couple is expecting a child this year. In one of the YouTube videos, Bryan was kissing Elisabeth’s baby bump. Wolfie Mccormick will be born in July 2020.

Jay Alvarrez and model Jonathan Germain are two of her ex-boyfriends. She survived the tragedy and is now blessed with a loving boyfriend, Bryan McCormick.

How tall is Elisabeth Rioux?

Beautiful Elisabeth’s main attraction is her body. With a height of 5 feet 6 inches, she has an amazing body. She weighs 48 kg (105 lbs). Elisabeth, a fitness enthusiast, has body measurements of 31-22-33 inches. Similarly, her bra size is 30 B. Her dress and shoe sizes are unknown to us. Rioux has hazel eyes and blonde hair, which adds to her beauty.

Career line of Elisabeth Rioux

  • Elisabeth previously worked for ‘Dulcedo.’ It is a model management firm based in Montreal. On November 19, 2013, she began her YouTube career. She shared a video from a trip to Croatia three years ago.
  • Her first video, titled ‘Croatia-First Experience in Europe,’ received 251K views.
  • Similarly, her other videos include vlogs, Q&As, surprise videos with her boyfriend, and many more. One of her videos introducing her current boyfriend has received millions of views.
  • Her self-tilted channel has nearly 243k subscribers on YouTube.
  • Her Instagram account is full of captivating posts, as evidenced by her Instagram feed. Rioux’s body is as fit as a fiddle. Furthermore, her body appears unrealistic in the beachy looks.
  • She has used Instagram as a platform to showcase her love for swimwear and travel, particularly to beaches, as an Instagram model.
  • She is a business owner in addition to running a social media platform. Furthermore, while attending business school, she launched her swimsuit line, ‘Hoaka Swimmer.’ Her main goal was to put her theoretical knowledge into practice.
  • Elisabeth’s interest in fashion evolved into a business after she recognized a lack of variety in comfortable and stylish beachwear. Furthermore, her primary motivation for launching Hoaka Swimmer is body positivity.
  • Her experience shopping for bikinis fueled her desire to launch this beachwear line.
  • In 2016, she spent a year introducing her swimwear to the outside world. For starters, it was only known to Quebec residents. Actually, she used ‘Instagram’ to promote her brand and showcase her products.
  • Surprisingly, it turned out to be positive, and she has received numerous accolades from her followers.
  • Her father and sister manage the brands, while she handles the creative aspects. Katelyn Fitch and Sydney Joz are two well-known faces who have used ‘Hoaka’ in their haul videos.
  • In Quebec, Elisabeth co-owns the lingerie brand ‘BAMBOO UNDERWEAR’ with Jules Marcoux, Philippe Ouellet-Thivierge, and Mathieu Landry-Girouard. ‘BAMBOO UNDERWEAR’ is now available in over 40 countries through an online store. She also opened a lingerie pop-up shop half a year ago.
  • Jay Alvarrez and Elisabeth went on a trip to California. Elisabeth’s ex-boyfriend, Jay Alvarrez, participated in a photoshoot with her for brand promotion.
  • Jasper Suyk shot the photos right away in California. Jasper Suyk is a world-class photographer who has collaborated with brands such as Hardley Davidson and celebrity Ne-Yo.
  • One of the most popular videos on her YouTube channel is “VLOG 1 : made 5900 km to surprise my boyfriend.” The video has received nearly 892K views. Other notable videos include “Story of a long-distance couple traveling the world,” which has 734K views, “why we broke up,” which has 682K views, and “why we broke up… (actually why HE broke up),” which has 585K views.