Ellen Hamilton Latzen

Facts of Ellen Hamilton Latzen
Full Name: Ellen Hamilton Latzen
Age: 41
Birthday: July 26
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Leo
Husband: Dave Baum
Net Worth: $13.5 million
Profession: Actress
Sibling: Amy Latzen and Elena Latzen
Father: Sway Latzen
Mother: Anne Hamilton

Ellen Hamilton Latzen is a previous child entertainer who rose to prominence after playing Ellen Gallagher in the film ‘Deadly Fascination.’ She was also well-known at the time for her roles in Mr. North, Young men Life 2, Public Parody’s Christmas Get-away, and Family Ties.

What is the Age of Ellen Hamilton Latzen?

Ellen Hamilton Latzen is the daughter of father Sway Latzen and mother Anne Hamilton. Her birth date is July 26, 1980, and she was born under the sign of Leo. Her father, Bounce, worked as a sales representative, and her mother, Anne, worked as a website specialist. Nonetheless, her parents began their divorce proceedings when she was four years old.

Ellen is of white nationality and has an American identity. Amy Latzen and Elena Latzen are her cousins. She was chosen at a Vermont all-inclusive school in Rockingham, Vermont. She then attended the California School of Expressions, which is located in the San Francisco Inlet Territory. She attended New York College in New York City from that point forward.

Who is Ellen Hamilton Latzen Husband?

Indeed, this former performer is in a romantic relationship with her playmate Dave Baum. In any case, Ellen Hamilton Latzen has yet to formally declare her sweetheart Dave her better half. As a result, she has yet to marry. Despite continuing to live a secret life, she posted two or three pictures with her lover.

According to her Instagram, she met her future spouse Dave by chance at Phish’s annual Work Day run at Dick’s. The couple began dating each other in 2015. They are together and have a stronghold starting now and for the foreseeable future. At the moment, the team is not interested in getting married, nor do they have any plans to do so.

On September 7, 2017, she posted a photo of herself with her lover on Instagram and wished him a happy two-year anniversary. Ellen and Dave are having a happy relationship with no detachment pieces of gossip. We are confident that their relationship will progress in this direction and that they will marry soon.

What is Ellen Hamilton Latzen’s Net Worth?

Ellen Hamilton Latzen has previously made a good deal of money as a child entertainer. However, she is not currently dynamic in media outlets. According to reports, Ellen Hamilton Latzen has a normal total asset value of $13.5 million. Furthermore, when she was active in media outlets, she received a remuneration of around $100,000 on a consistent basis.

Ellen has appeared in hit films and television shows and has amassed a sizable sum of money for her efforts. At the time, she starred in the film ‘Deadly Fascination,’ which grossed around $320.1 million in the box office against a budget of $14 million.

In addition, she appeared in the film “The Equalizer,” which grossed $192.3 million in the box office. The film’s production budget ranges between $55 and 73 million dollars. Ellen appeared in the film “Public Parody’s Christmas Get-Away,” which grossed around $71.3 million in the box office against a production budget of $25 million. Ellen continues to live a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles.

What is Ellen Hamilton Latzen’s Height?

Ellen is a former entertainer with a healthy body. She is still 5 feet 2 inches tall, or 1.5 meters tall. Her body weight is approximately 76kg or 167 pounds. Ellen has dark hair and eyes that are dull and earthy in color.

Ellen Hamilton Latzen’s Career Line

  • Ellen Hamilton Latzen isn’t exactly a rising star in the acting world right now.
  • She quit representing zeroing in on her exam after being selected at a Vermont all-inclusive school.
  • She is currently employed as a podcaster.
  • The previous entertainer is currently working on a webcast titled “Looked into Now.” The show is about her experiences as a substitute child entertainer. Fundamentally, she investigated the life of a child involved in the acting industry.
  • Ellen began her acting career because of her mother. When Ellen was six years old, her mother took her to acting auditions after seeing a commercial in the newspaper.
  • At that point, she crowds, hoping for another involvement in her little girl’s life. She was unaware of her tryout, and she assumed her acting abilities were insufficient for the job.
  • Regardless, she won the role of Michael Douglas and Anne Toxophilite’s daughter in the film Lethal Fascination, beating out a slew of other young ladies.
  • Ellen was a dynamic actor for approximately ten years, from 1987 to 1997.
  • Throughout her illustrious career, she has worked on six films and television shows, both inside and out. Regardless, she resigned from the acting business to focus on her studies.