Elsie Rodriguez

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Stage Name Elsie Rodriguez
Real Name Elsie Rodriguez
Profession(s) Actress,
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Age N/A
Gender Female
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Hometown , ,
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian


Parents Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Sibling(s) Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A

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School N/A
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Elsie Rodriguez  has won the hearts of many of his admirers by starring in a variety of films and television shows.With every visit, he drew fans who wanted to learn more about him outside of the television screen.Freddy, on the other hand, likes to keep his personal life hidden from the public eye and camera lenses. We know very little about his wife Elsie Rodriguez, with whom he has been married for almost two decades.

However, we have uncovered some facts about Elsie, so continue reading to find more about her.

birthday, age

Elsie Rodriguez celebrated her birthday on December 9th, according to her son Elijah Rodriguez’s post. Elsie Rodriguez’s Wikipedia  and hometown.

She wrapped up most of the information about Elsie Rodriguez and hid it from the media. She never revealed anything about her parents or their origins.

Not only that, but she also withheld details about her background in her hometown of Chicago. She always used her husband’s last name, Rivera, instead of her maiden name, Rivera, in all of her social media posts, despite the fact that she was born Maria Elsie Rivera.

As a result, the last name she acquired from her family remains a mystery.

Height, Weight, and Distinctive Characteristics

Elsie Rodriguez is the shortest of the Rodriguez siblings. She stands at 5 feet and 4 inches tall (1.62 meters). Even after having two children, she was always complimented on her beauty and never-fading youth, which are her distinguishing qualities.

Elsie Rodriguez also weighed around 74 kg (163 lbs).

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the most popular social media platforms.

Elsie Rodriguez’s private Instagram account has a total of 188 followers when it came to her social media reach. She has 83 posts on the site at the time of writing, and it contains a few details about her.

Elsie also has a second Instagram account, @elsierodriguezdesigns, which has 705 followers.

Elsie is also active on Twitter, where she has a total of 134 followers. She mostly retweets news on Puerto Rico as it appears on the app.

Elsie Rodriguez’s Salary, Job, and Career

Elsie chose interior design as a means of making a living while Freddy explored acting as a vocation not long after graduating from Lincoln Park High School. She is the co-owner of Interior Solutions LLC, according to her Instagram bio, and has worked her magic in the homes of several high-end clients, including Rihanna.

Elsie’s interior design isn’t just limited to her home. In an interview, her husband, Freddy, praised the work she done in their home. The couple resided in a Mediterranean-styled five-bedroom, five-bathroom home in Woodlawn Hills.

Elsie created all of the interior designs for their home on her own.

Elsie, on the other hand, did the best job of parenting two children and instilling morals in them. Her employment as an interior designer, according to her portfolio on her social media account, pays well.

Elise has a total net worth of $400 thousand, despite the fact that her net worth has not been assessed.

Elsie Rodriguez and Freddy Rodriguez: Dating, Weddings, and Children

In the 1990s, Elsie Rodriguez and Freddy Rodriguez began dating. Freddy and she both went to the same high school, started dating, and eventually fell in love.

The pair eventually decided to marry, which they did on December 23, 1995, in a magnificent wedding ceremony. Elija Rodriguez and Giancarlo Rodriguez are their two children.

Elija attended the University of Edinburgh in Scotland after graduating from Oaks Christian High School in 2016. He’s been traveling all over the world since then.

Giancarlo, her son, earned a bachelor’s degree from Boston University in 2017.

The Rodriguezes steered clear of interviews and the limelight. When asked about the key to his long-lasting marriage with Elsie, Freddy attributed it to his “strong spiritual upbringing” and his decision to remain out of the public eye.

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