Evan Edinger

Evan Edinger is a YouTuber and photographer from the United States who currently resides in London. Evan Edinger is well-known on social media for his “American VS British” series, as well as his comedic “Puns,” travel, and Q&A videos.

How old is Evan Edinger?

Evan Edinger was born on July 29, 1990, and he is now 30 years old. Evan is originally from Southern New Jersey and grew up in Deptford. Evan has two brothers.

Furthermore, his parents divorced when he was 16 years old, so he moved to a small farm town with his mother. Evan’s father died, as he revealed in a video posted on November 6, 2016.

Similarly, Evan Edinger was a clarinetist in the concert band in middle school. He also appeared in a few musicals. Evan also enjoyed camping and had earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

Evan Edinger, a Boy Scout, also met President George W. Bush and received a signed letter from President Barack Obama. Furthermore, Evan did not start drinking alcohol until he was 21 years old, and he does not smoke.

Education of Evan Edinger

Evan graduated from Rowan University. Through his social media posts, he has revealed a great deal about his student life. Teachers almost always commented on Evan’s “unsatisfactory social skills,” despite the fact that he was a good student. It was due to his habit of yelling in class.

Evan took an IQ test in third grade and was subsequently placed in a ‘Learning Enrichment Acceleration Program.’ This program required him to read extra books for two periods per day and do extra homework. Similarly, Evan enjoyed these sessions because they helped him develop an interest in reading and math.

Evan also earned an Associate of Arts degree in 2010 from Salem Community College in New Jersey. He then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Rowan University in 2012.

Evan also wanted to teach math because he believes that those who dislike the subject had a poor teacher. However, he later realized that he, too, needed a degree in Education to become a teacher, but decided that it would not be worth his time or money. Instead, he was advised to pursue a Master’s degree in Actuarial Science.

Evan, however, was too late and could only apply to two colleges, one in the United Kingdom and one in Boston. The college in the United Kingdom was the less expensive and faster option, so he relocated to London, England to study at Cass Business School.

However, he was pleasantly surprised by his experience in the city and decided to extend his visa again and again, even after completing his studies and taking up jobs there. He now plans to further his education in Germany, for which he has already begun learning the language.

How much is Evan Edinger Net Worth?

Evan’s net worth is estimated to be around $211,000 dollars. He could make money from his YouTube videos, collaborations, partnerships, and so on. Evan has published over 400 videos, totaling more than 80 million views. Evan Edinger’s main YouTube channel receives 143k video views and 414 new subscribers every day, resulting in an average of 5 new videos per month.

Is Evan Edinger dating anyone?

When it comes to Evan Edinger’s sexuality, he considers himself to be on the asexual spectrum, close to demisexual. He informed his fans about this in January 2015, and by November of that year, he was dating an American girl he met on Tinder. However, the girl would be returning to America in a few months.

Evan Edinger was in eighth grade when his father promised to buy him a GameCube if he went to the school dance. Evan’s father did so after noticing Evan’s lack of interest in girls.

Evan’s first relationship began when he was 18, but it ended after about a year. Many fans speculated that he and YouTube Musician Dodie Clark were romantically involved because they shared a room. However, this was not true, and thus it was only a rumor. They are actually very good friends!

How tall is Evan Edinger?

Evan Edinger stands 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) tall. Aside from that, he has not revealed any specifics about his other body measurements, such as weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, biceps, dress size, shoe size, and so on. Evan has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Career line of Evan Edinger

  • Evan Edinger is a YouTube content creator best known for his “American VS British” series. On his self-titled YouTube channel, he also shares comedic “Puns” to travel and Q&A videos.
  • Evan started his channel on June 24, 2006, but only started posting videos in 2010. This channel has received over 88 million views and 619K subscribers so far.
  • Evan was still a college student at Rowan University when he began being active on YouTube. He was heavily influenced by the work of Charlie McDonnell (“Charlieissocoollike”) and Ray William Johnson.
  • Evan also did live shows on BlogTv for a while in 2011. According to his YouTube description, he enjoys playing childish pranks and sharing dad jokes and embarrassing stories. Furthermore, it is widely acknowledged that Evan employs far too many puns in his videos; as a result, Evan now owns a company for his YouTube business called “Puns LLC.”
  • He currently uploads videos every Sunday, along with a monthly Q&A video. Evan also has a second channel called “EvanEdinger,” where he uploads many of his travel vlogs.
  • Evan Edinger used the pseudonym “naveregnide” before changing it to his full name. His surname is spelled backwards as “naveregnide.” He began making YouTube videos for fun and later worked in marketing.
  • Evan had broken up with his first girlfriend at the time he started YouTube and had taken up a few hobbies to keep himself occupied. His hobbies include playing the guitar. Evan began filming YouTube videos after discovering that his MacBook Pro had video editing software.
  • Evan first gained attention for his video series ‘Uh-Oh Evan’s Got An Opinion.’ In 2011, he began uploading song covers and later went on to create vlogs and sketch comedy. The same year, Evan attended his first VidCon and met a slew of other YouTubers.
  • But it wasn’t until he moved to London for studies in 2012 that his YouTube career took a sharp turn. Despite being an American, Evan became friends with several British YouTubers and became a member of the community.
  • While in London, he also shared a home with other YouTubers. Evan has also worked with other YouTubers such as Dodie Clark, Connie Glynn, Jay Foreman, and others. He was also roommates with Dodie Clark, and the two shared an apartment called Dovan flat.
  • Furthermore, Evan Edinger has over 619,000 subscribers on his main channel and 132,000 on his travel channel. Edinger has posted over 700 videos across both channels.
  • Then, in January 2020, Evan Edinger was one of eight social media influencers who participated in the 2020 MSC World Cruise. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, it was called off halfway through. He is one of many YouTubers who has been financially impacted by Covid-19 as of May 2020, with a 50% drop in Adsense revenue.
  • Evan is a supporter of gun control in the United States, and he voted for Bernie Sanders for President of the United States in 2016. He stated this on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire program.