Evan Kail

Quick Facts

Birth Name Evan Kail
Nickname Evan, Pawn Man
Date of Birth 8th November 1989
Age (as of 2022) 32 years
Language English
Net worth $3.5 million USD
Place of Birth Minnesota
Nationality American
Profession Businessman, TikTok Star
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Ethnicity White
Popular for Writing Novels and Making Youtube videos
School Local school
Alma Mater University of Minnesota
Education Graduate in Japanese Studies
Height In Feet Inches: 6′ 0″
Weight In Kilograms: 80 kg
Social Media Twitter, Instagram

Evan Kail, a well-known American YouTuber, writer, social media influencer, and TikTok celebrity, was born on November 8th, 1989, making him 32 years old. He owns a pawn shop in his hometown and is a successful businessman. On his social media accounts, he has a sizable fan base.

Evan Kail has a lengthy history with his fans and frequently provides them with fresh entertainment. Evan has been working hard in both his professional and social media careers.

Who is YouTuber Evan Kail? Learn how he discovered hidden photos. Killings in Nanjing

The well-known TikTok personality Evan also manages the Pawn Man social media channel. He unexpectedly got popular on TikTok on September 1st 2022 when he announced that he had discovered some previously undiscovered images taken during the Nanjing Massacre.

Let us inform you that the Japanese Army historically attacked the Chinese city of Nanjing in what is known as the Massacre of Nanjing or The Rape of Nanjing. During the Second Sino-Japanese War, it happened. By conducting a Google search, you can learn more about this historical occurrence. We discovered that this episode resulted in the deaths of 200000 Chinese soldiers and civilians, out of whom 10,000 were raped.

Evan Kail took the chance of being suspended from TikTok by posting these images. Someone gave him this album of photographs. He expressed his surprise that the photographer was present during the Nanjing Rape. Evan has uploaded around 30 pictures to his social media accounts.

The Research Historian and Founder of the “Fake History Hunter” Twitter feed, however, claimed that although some of the photographs in the album that Evan got may be real, others are already widely accessible.

Age & Birth Information

The fact that Evan Kail is a native of Minnesota has been disclosed in his biographical information. He is presently residing in Minneapolis. Even as a young youngster, he has done remarkably well. His family gave him his first computer when he was 11 years old.

Evan Kail in his teen days(Source: Instagram)

He was conceived on November 8, 1989. Evan Kail, who is 32 years old, has recently graduated. He pursued his degree in Japanese Studies while enjoying his early years and also holds a University of Minnesota degree in Japanese Studies. He graduated in 2012. Because of his interest in history and his studies of the Japanese culture, he was given images from the 1937 Nanjing Massacre event. He also authored novels about historical subjects, which could be another explanation.

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Family & Parents

You may see Evan Kail’s family life if you navigate to his Instagram account. Since the beginning, he has been open with his supporters about his family and family life. He has not, however, divulged his mother’s identity. On the other hand, this well-known YouTuber typically posts images of his parents, Mr. Harold Kail, on their birthdays. Along with visiting other cities, he takes his family on vacations and enjoys telling them about his travel experiences. His father was the former 50th and France Shop “Carrell Britton Cosmetics” front man for his wife and Evan’s mother.

Evan Kail with his parents(Source: Instagram)

His parents seem to be in their 60s and also father now seems to be retired. His mother had previously converted him to Judaism. Evan Kail, however, was pleased with his mother’s choice, but none of his mother’s acquaintances expressed their satisfaction. Along with his mother, he occasionally goes to distribute Holly Book Bibles.

Professional life

Let us first inform you about Evan Kail’s business details. Evan transitioned to the gold and silver industry a few years ago. In his newly launched pawn shop, he specializes in pricey metals like gold and silver. He purchases and sells jewelry, coins, gold, silver, and other valuables. St. Louis Park Gold & Silver is the name of the business, which he started in 2011 while still in college.

Later that day, on August 22, 2015, he uploaded his debut video to YouTube in which he started doing interviews with his acquaintances. Then he launched his podcast, Ubered, in which he covered a wide range of subjects. He started drawing notice from TikTok users in 2019 thanks to his informative, fascinating, and amusing videos.

He started writing novels while still pursuing his business transactions and YouTube video career. His debut book was titled “Ubered.” When he finished his first book, he came to the conclusion that he preferred to write books to screenplays. He had already written 20 screenplays before he began writing his book Ubered.

He was motivated by author Clive Cussler. About his father Harold Kail, he authored his fourth book. Evan needed a year to write “Wolf of the Jungle,” his book.

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Relationship Status

Evan Kail has kept his admirers in the dark regarding specifics of his love life. In 2021, he started posting pictures of himself with Cassidy Zim. Cassidy Zim seems to be a very brave and attractive young lady. Now, they both share a strong bond with one another.

However, he has not made his relationship with Cassidy Zim publicly known. They have just appeared to be excellent friends up until this point. If he continues to open himself, more information about his love life will be updated.

Net worth & Source of Income

Evan Kail has a million-dollar net worth. He has a long history in both the corporate and social media worlds. He acquired many fancy cars during the course of his lengthy career. His estimated net worth in US dollars is $3.5 million. He was an Uber driver as well.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Evan Fans of Kail Hsi describe him as a master storyteller.
  • He is skilled in martial arts and is currently a first dan in kumdo and a third-degree black belt in taekwondo.
  • He also created the reality program Pawn Man.
  • Evan’s YouTube account has 21.5k subscribers.
  • He has 15.8k followers on his Instagram account.
  • Evan currently has 56.4k followers on Twitter.
  • He has 719k followers on his TikTok.
  • His TikTok videos received 7.9 million likes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Evan Kila trending on Google?

Evan gained notoriety after posting images of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre.

Who is YouTuber Evan Kail?

Evan is an American YouTuber and TikTok celebrity.

What is Evan Kail’s height?

Evan seems to stand six feet tall.

What is Evan Kail’s zodiac sign?

The sign of Evan is a Scorpio.

What is Evan Kail’s age?

Evan will turn 32 in September 2022.

When was Evan Kail was born?

Evan was conceived on November 8, 1989.