Fact Check: Is Ginger Zee Pregnant Again?

Ginger Zee is not pregnant. Fans speculate that she might be pregnant due to her crying on a plane, but the weather reporter has not confirmed any news of her pregnancy.

Zee has always been very public with her life.

She announced her first pregnancy in 2015. After getting a lot of well wishes and love from the views, she proclaimed her pregnancy for the second time in 2017.

Unfortunately, this time viewers were not so kind. They criticized her form-fitting dresses.

The 40-year-old retaliated by sharing passive-aggressive tweets like Five things you don’t say to a pregnant woman.

Who Is The Husband Of Ginger Zee? Meet Her On Instagram

Ginger Zee is happily married to her husband, Ben Aaron. Like her, he is also a TV personality and works for the NBC network’s Channel 4.

The duo started dating and soon got married in 2014.

The couple is parents to two beautiful sons named Adrian Benjamin and Miles Macklin.

Zee is available on Instagram with the account handle ginger_zee. Here, her verified account has one million fans.

The TV personality wears her heart on her sleeves and shares everything about her life.

What Is Ginger Zee’s Nationality? What Is Her Ethnicity?

American TV personality Ginger Zee was born on 13th January 1981. At present, she is 40 years old. Her ethnicity is a mystery.

The California native is the daughter of Dawn and Robert. After her parents got divorced at an early age, she had two half-sisters.

As a young girl growing up in Michigan, she got mesmerized by a water sprout. It was then she decided to make it her dream.

In 1999, she graduated from Rockford High School. Later, she got a Bachelor of Science from Valparaiso University.

Ginger Zee Net Worth Explored: What Is Her Salary?

As of 2021, the net worth of Ginger Zee is 2.5 million dollars. She makes her 500k by working as a meteorologist for Good Morning America.

She started her career in Indiana, where she forecasted for various channels. 

It wasn’t 2011 that he got her job in God Morning America. After working there for two years, she got announced as the chief meteorologist.

Since then, she has participated in various television programs.