Fat Comedy and Oliver Pocher Drama, TikTok Star Wikipedia and Statement

Fat Comedy hitting Oliver Pocher drama video has slowly been widely surfacing on the web and be the talk of the town. Let’s find out more in the writings below about this artist.

Fat Comedy aka Omar is a TikTok star.

This young man also has engagement in the rapping, comedian, and musical artistry sector.

Following Fat Comedy and Oliver Pocher’s violent involvement, they have become the topic of interest at present. According to Express, they have been pulled into a slap scandal presently.

What Is Fat Comedy and Oliver Pocher Drama About?

Fat Comedy punched Oliver Pocher, a communist entertainer/comedian in the face unexpectedly.

One of the reasons the artist hit Pocher might probably be because Pocher had repeatedly insulted unvaccinated people and incited agitation against unvaccinated people in a public space.

With this slap incident, some came in support of the rapper and applauded him for his actions whereas some online users wrote down that he will pay a lot (bodily injury, legal fees, et cetera. Likewise, the musician’s supporters also backed him commenting that he did something that a whole nation didn’t have the courage to do.

Everyone was left shocked and stunned when they say that Fat Comedy approached Oliver and out of nowhere, gave a resounding slap to the latter one.

Recently a few hours ago, Fat Comedy shared a picture of his palm on his Instagram handles tagging Oliver Pocher. It might probably be to remind Pocher of how he got slapped and hit.

TikTok Star Fat Comedy Wikipedia And Statement Explored

Fat Comedy has no presence on a Wikipedia page because he is an emerging and rising public figure.

As per Bild, Fat Comedy made a statement that because Oliver has such an ugly character, likes humiliating people, supporting people who claim to have been raped although it’s not true, he used physical violence to show his discontent and aware Oliver of his actions.

It is found on the HorizonMedia YouTube channel that the reason for the hit could be because of racism. As we all know that Omar or fat comedy has Iranian blood. In a statement, he said that his act was a result of Oliver saying negative things about other Iranian rappers.

On the other hand, Oliver’s wife Ameera Oocher noted in a statement that Oliver should be ashamed of his actions and should respect other people’s opinions as well.

Who Is Fat Comedy Wife Girlfriend Or Partner?

Fat Comedy’s wife, girlfriend, or partner details are unexplored in the virtual platforms.

We only found that the abused person Oliver has a wife named Ameera Pocher.

Meet Fat Comedy on Instagram

Fat Comedy has an Instagram availability with 30 posts and 320,000 followers at the time of this post.

This public figure is actively involved in social media platforms. He has shared before and after pictures of his, which are enough to show his amazing transformation.