Fausto Gallardo

Facts of Fausto Gallardo
Age: 50 years
Birth Date: June 01 1970
Birth Place: Mexico
Education: High School Graduation
Eye Color: Black
Father’s Name: Fausto Gallard
Full Name: Fausto Gallardo
Hair Color: Black
Horoscope: Gemini
Mother’s Name: Marcela Valladolid
Nationality: Mexican

Fausto Gallardo is a Mexican politician and Tijuana environmentalist who came to fame with American leader Marcela Valladolid for his married life.

Early Life of Fausto Gallardo

Fausto Gallardo was born on 1 June 1970 in Tijuana, Mexico. Other information about his father, mother, and childhood are not available at this time. Its Mexican nationality and ethnicity are unknown. Fausto completed primary and secondary school in Tijuana, Mexico.

Fausto Gallardo and Marcela Valladolid’s Marriage and Divorce

Mexico’s politician, Fausto Gallardo, has become popular in Mexico, but surprisingly popular also in the US, just because he is Chef Marcela Valladolid’s former husband. Yes, Valladolid, who is widely known as a chef and is on The Kitchen and Best Baker for her show. Fausto and Marcela were actually married twice. However, they divorced twice, too. Well, Gallardo married the chef in an intimate wedding between Gallardo’s two brothers in the early 2000s.

However, on the date they keep their personal life closer to their vest, no exact information is known. And Fausto and his former wife were once more closes before their second marriage in 2012 after their first divorce. A year later, however, the couple left again and divorced in 2013.

Fausto didn’t marry again after their second divorce. As for his former wife, she was even engaged with other men and was dated. Philip Button is currently employed by Valladolid.

Fausto Gallardo is the Father of One

Fausto Gallardo’s marriage with chef Marcela Valladolid gave birth to a child. The parents of Gallardo and Valladolid are Fausto Gallardo Jr’s son. Both the former husband and wife have their child together as their co-parent.

However, Junior Fausto lives mostly with her mom, two younger half-siblings, and Valladolid’s partner, Philip Button, in California. But that doesn’t mean that in Mexico he doesn’t visit his father and his father’s relatives.

Fausto loves sharing his son’s photos and videos when he visits him in Mexico. Besides this, Fausto Jr. is the Mexican politician’s only son and child.

What is Fausto Gallardo’s Net Worth 2021?

For years, Mexican environmentalist Fausto Gallardo has taken part in the field to raise environmental awareness as a politician. And Gallardo has succeeded in his work with his career in the field.

Since then, he has been named Deputy to the XXIII State Legislature and Leader of the PVEM. And there is no doubt that we don’t appear to him as the future president of Mexico. It can be estimated that Gallardo has a net worth of over $100,000. However, his former wife, Marcela Valladolid, has a net value of over $200,000.

Career Line of Fausto Gallardo

  • As an environmental activist, Fausto likes to spend most of his time working hard, pursuing, researching, volunteering, and generally doing political activism to create a more environmentally-friendly society.
  • He trusts that the environment should be protected and he wants us to save our planet as well as possible.
  • His efforts in his own community were not wasted but effective.