Finn William Leeves Coben


Full Name Finn William Leeves Coben
Aka Finn
Nationality American
Date of Birth 2003/12/19
Birth Country United States
Horoscope Sagittarius
Ethnicity White
Father Name Marshal Coben
Mother Name Jane Leeves Coben
Sexual Orientation straight

Finn William Leeves Coben is a celebrity child who became famous as a result of her famous parents.

Bio and Age

Finn William Leeves Coben is a celebrity child who became famous as a result of her famous parents. He is the son of Jane Leeves Coben, a well-known American actress, and Marshal Coben, a well-known producer. Because his parents could afford a luxury lifestyle for him, he lives almost like a superstar.

On December 19, 2003, he was born in the United States and raised in his hometown. Many people are curious about his life because he has achieved a level of celebrity well beyond that of a typical adolescent. Why is his life attracting so much attention? To learn more about him, keep reading.

How was Finn Early Years?

Finn was reared in a tiny family in his hometown with his sister and parents. His parents were successful in the entertainment world, therefore he didn’t have many problems and hardships growing up. They were able to provide him with a very decent life, and he is currently living with his parents. When his parents were at work, his grandparents used to look after him.

People are often curious to learn more about celebrity kids, therefore he was incredibly popular from the start. From the moment he first appeared in the media, he was a well-behaved child.

Family Background

His mother Jane Leeves Coben and father Marshal Coben were both well-known performers when Finn was born. Isabella Leeves Coben, his only sibling, is his only sibling. Ruth and Collin Leeves, his grandparents, are also close to him. His grandparents raised him for the majority of his youth.

Picture of Finn William Leeves Coben’s father and mother picture source Instagram: @officialjaneleeves

He spends the majority of his time with his sister, and they are frequently seen together. He is extremely close to his aunt Kathryn Leeves, and he spends his vacations with her on excursions and adventures.

How was Finn life in teenager?

Finn is already living a pretty opulent life during his adolescence, since his parents are able to provide for him in every way. He spends his time traveling and exploring, and has been photographed numerous times by paparazzi. He spends like a celebrity and exudes celebrity charm. And he goes to award presentations to pose for the camera, and he lives a luxury lifestyle like any other star. Before working as a professional in a specific field, he had the opportunity to live a rich lifestyle.

About Jane Leeves Coben

Finn’s mother is a well-known English actress who rose to fame after appearing in the successful television sitcom Murphy Brown. She’s also been in a number of notable films and television shows. For her remarkable acting ability, she has been nominated for various awards.

She is still working as an actress. She earned the Views for Quality Television Award in 1995 and the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2000. Her immense notoriety drew attention to her children, even if they do not work in the entertainment industry.

Who is Finn Father?

Finn’s father, Marshall Coben, is a well-known American producer. He has appeared in a number of amazing television series as an actor. He’s spent more time in front of the camera than behind it.

He is currently employed as an executive for CBS Paramount Television. He enjoys spending his days with his lovely wife and children.

How much is her Net Worth?

Finn William Leeves Coben is now unemployed because he is still an adolescent. He lives with his parents, and there is no way of knowing how much money he will inherit from them. His parents have a combined net worth of $35 million dollars.

They have earned a sizable wealth, allowing him to live a luxury lifestyle. Working as performers allowed his parents to gain such wealth. It contains all of their assets and royalties, which they divide among their children. This was only achievable because of their dedication and hard work.

Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Finn has exceptionally attractive physical characteristics that draw a lot of attention. He appears to be intelligent and charming, but his precise height and weight are unknown.

His skin is incredibly pale, and his brown eyes are complemented by his brown blonde hair. In practically all of his outfits, he looks fantastic.

What is Finn Education Level?

Although there are few facts regarding his education, he attended school in his hometown. He is currently completing his senior year of high school. There is no information available regarding the subjects he studied in high school. From the time he was in elementary school, he has always been a highly obedient and hardworking student.

In addition, he participates in extracurricular activities at his school. He enjoys sports activities in addition to his studies. He also competes in several competitions. Because of his obedience, he has always been the teacher’s favorite.

Is Finn in a Relationship?

Finn William Leeves Coben’s love life has piqued the interest of many individuals. People are curious as to who this celebrity kid is dating right now. Because Finn is still a teenager, there is no information on him dating anyone right now. He hasn’t said anything regarding his personal life.

He is not, however, involved with anyone. Because he is secretive about his personal life, there is no information on his dating life. The paparazzi have yet to catch him with anyone.

Career Highlights And Goals

Finn does not appear to be employed at the moment, but he is going to begin his professional career. We’ve seen many celebrities’ children carry on their parents’ legacy, so there’s a chance we’ll see him in this field.

He is also a hard worker who may continue his studies. There are no specifics about what he intends to accomplish next or what life skills he is developing.

What are Finn  Hobbies and interests?

Finn spends the majority of his time with his loved ones. He enjoys traveling and discovering new locations. Reading and listening to music are two of his favorite pastimes. He also enjoys spending time with his animals. He enjoys experimenting with new things and is actively involved in extracurricular activities.

With his family and friends, he enjoys going on trips and outings. Because he is not active on any social media sites, there is little information on what he does in his spare time. He hasn’t revealed a lot about himself.

Is Finn a regular user of her social media accounts?

Finn isn’t on any of the social media platforms. He is not very active on social media because he does not share his personal life with others.

Because of the paparazzi and his other family members, we do get to see some images of him on various social media platforms. Even though he is not extremely active on social media, he is very popular among teenagers.

Is he a pet owner?

Finn has a great deal of compassion for animals and enjoys spending time with them. He is currently residing with his parents, and as a result, they share pets.


Picture of Finn William Leeves Coben’s mother Jane Leeves with her pet dog picture source Instagram: @officialjaneleeves

His pet is a cat, while his sister has a horse. They look after their dogs together, and their mother posts numerous images of them on social media.


There are currently no controversies around Finn. He appears to be quite humble and lovely whenever he goes in front of the camera. His humble demeanor keeps him out of all kinds of squabbles.

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