Five Guys

Five Guys

Is Five Guys going to close in 2021? It is an American fast casual restaurant chain specializing on hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries, with headquarters in Lorton, Virginia, an unincorporated area of Fairfax County.

The first Five Guys restaurant opened in Arlington County, Virginia, in 1986, and by 2001, the brand had grown to five locations in the Washington, D.C. metro region.

The foodservice business is going through a tough time, with one out of every six restaurants closing in March. There has been conjecture that Five Guys, a classic fast-food brand, may soon join the other 100,000 stores that have closed. Do you believe this, though?

Is Five Guys going to close in 2021?

Furthermore, the rumor appears to have begun around the middle of December, when several Twitter users speculated that Five Guys might close in 2021.

The source of the speculation is thought to be the closure of Five Guys in Oman, which many people mistook for the franchise’s entire shutdown.

Despite the fact that Five Guys has sold 27 of its locations in Texas, including the one in Southlake Town Square, there is no indication that the franchise will be closed by 2021 or anytime soon.

Indeed, They recently announced that their popular hamburger brand will be expanding to Australia by 2021.

They, like other franchises, has altered its business strategy to the challenging environment created by covid-19. The chain, according to its website, provides delivery services as well as kerbside pickups in lockdown regions.


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