Freddy Harteis New Girlfriend – Linsey Toole, Age, Net Worth Facts

Freddy Harteis is an American Show host, producer, and an actor. Moreover, he is also a conservationist. The star got into the headlines as a husband of famous Reality-Tv personality Jeannie Mai. Apparently, the marital knot was one of the most complicated ones. The couple were together for 10 years but had a lot of differences and problems. Jeannie Mai shared all those complications and problems in the show ‘The Real’ which she co-hosts. Here, you will know all the facts about Freddy Harteis, his girlfriend, wife, net worth and bio.

Freddy Harteis is a conservationist with a net worth of $2 million

Freddy Harteis has been a Tv personality and an actor for quite some time now. At 42, he has already passed the prime of his career. He has his own IMDb profile as an actor and a producer. Likewise, he is famous for ‘The Hollywood Hunter’, ‘Holiday fabulous’, and ‘The Real’. His show ‘The Hollywood Hunter’ generates a handsome amount of revenue. On the other hand, he is a conservationist and generates awareness programs on the concern. As a result, he has earned himself fame along with economic achievements. As of 2019, Freddy Harteis’s net worth is approximately $2 million as per

Freddy Hartis Age and Wiki

Born on May 12, 1976, he is a native of Colorado, United States. Freddy is a son of Fred Harteis and Linda Harteis. As of 2019, he is 43 years old. He grew up in Colorado and completed his graduation there. Since his childhood, he loved wandering and hunting. Following his passion, he has been producing and acting the reality show ‘The Hollywood Hunter’. Further details about his family and parents are not available for now. The 5 feet 10 inches star currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his girlfriend and daughter.

Freddy Harteis New Girlfriend/Wife – Linsey Toole

Most of the people recognize Freddy as the husband of famous Tv personality Jeannie Mai. However, he has surpassed that image. He is famous today as an actor and a producer to the show ‘The Hollywood Hunter’. Jeannie Mai and Freddy walked down the aisle back in 2017. Unfortunately, after the marriage, there were lots of issues. Firstly, it became a distant relationship. In addition, Mai didn’t want the children but Freddy had a different thought. Moreover, there were financial and social issues as well. As a result, the couple split after 10 years in 2018. They officially divorced each other in 2018. Mai shared all the reasons and problems in her own talk show. Later, Freddy Harteis refound love of a girlfriend/wife. This time she was Linsey Toole. Although, details about her career and family is not available. When Mai came open about those issues, she even mentioned Freddy asking money after divorce. At the meantime, Linsey replied as those accusations to be false. The couple had a daughter Emma Rose in the same year of his divorce. Mai even accused him of cheating for that reason. Nonetheless, there were ups and downs in the life of both Freddy and Mai. But now Mai is also in a relationship with Jezzy. Whatever the past holds, Both of them are happy now. The fans hope Freddy and Linsey will tie the knot very soon.