Gabi Wilson

Gabi Wilson, better known by her stage name H.E.R., is a California-born American singer currently signed to RCA Records. Gabi Wilson also plays the piano and guitar in addition to singing. Through her early and successful career, she has become an inspiration to all children and Black people.

Parents of Gabi Wilson?

Gabi Wilson was born on June 27, 1997, in Vallejo, California. She is also known as Gabriella Gabi Wilson and Gabby Wilson. When she was younger, her parents nicknamed her Gabi. Her nationality is American, and her birth sign is Cancer. She is now a woman of Black ethnicity, 24 years old.

Gabi’s father’s name is Kenny Wilson, and her mother’s name is Agnes Wilson. Her father, who was a member of a local California band called Urban Bushmen, was an early musical influence on her. Her mother was a native Filipino and a housewife. Gabi’s parents were always supportive of her endeavors.

How much is Gabi Wilson Net Worth?

Gabi’s album, titled ‘H.E.R.,’ received five Grammy nominations, including ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Album of the Year.’ Her hard work since she was nine years old has paid off handsomely for her. She has achieved great success as a singer.

Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million. She makes money from her music career. She also frequently collaborates with top artists.

Is Gabi Wilson in a relationship?

Gabi Wilson prefers to keep her private life private. However, it has been confirmed that she is still dating a charming man. For the time being, she is solely focused on her musical career.

How tall is Gabi Wilson?

Gabi has a height of 5 feet 10 inches and a weight of 50 kg. Her hair is black, and her eyes are dark brown. Other details, such as her shoe size and dress size, are not available at this time.

Career line of Gabi Wilson

  • She began learning and playing music at a young age, inspired by her father. When she was nine years old, she performed at the Apollo Theatre in New York City. It was one of her first public appearances in front of a large crowd. She also appeared on the ‘Today Show,’ where she played the piano for Alicia Keys.
  • She also made a big career breakthrough at the age of 12 when she performed two songs at the ASCAP Awards, and later that year, she was named one of Radio Disney’s three “Next Big Things.”
  • Gabi had a lot of fame when she was young, which gave her a lot of industry exposure but also made her self-conscious, so she decided to work mostly behind the scenes. Sony Entertainment signed her when she was 14 years old. Her first officially released song, ‘Something to Prove,’ was followed by a two-year hiatus. Gabi attended Wardlaw Elementary School and North Hills Christian School.
  • Gabi kept her identity hidden in the early years of her career as part of a gimmick that made her a mysterious figure.
  • She made her first major appearance on the “Today Show” when she was 12 years old, covering piano for Alicia Keys during one of her performances. She was then signed by Sony Entertainment at the age of 14 and released her debut single titled ‘Something to Prove.’
  • After a brief hiatus, she returned to the musical stage in 2016 with her debut EP, ‘H.E.R. Volume 1′. Several artists, including Rihanna, Usher, and Pusha T, helped spread the word about the album and make it a success. After releasing five EPs in a row, she released a compilation album titled ‘H.E.R.’ in late 2017. She had remained a mystery to music fans, and she had not allowed any information about her past/present to become public knowledge.
  • She went by the stage name H.E.R., which stood for “having everything revealed,” and made a comeback in late 2016 when she signed with the RCA Records label. She released her debut EP, titled ‘HER Vol. 1,’ with no prior hype or marketing.
  • Kehlani, K. Michelle, and Zhavia served as executive producers on the EP, which was released in September 2016. Initially, the album did not pick up the pace. Alicia Keys and Bryson Tiller, who are signed to the same label, announced the album on their social media accounts.
  • Several more artists, including Usher and Pusha T, came out in support of the EP, and it gradually gained traction. Rihanna was also a fan of the album, and she posted a video on Instagram with one of the EP’s tracks, ‘Focus,’ playing in the background.
  • The video received 5 million views, and the album gained popularity. As more positive reviews from critics and listeners poured in, several more celebrities, including Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, came out in support.
  • The album’s tracks have been listened to over 20 million times on Spotify. The album was played 65 million times across all other streaming platforms combined. NPR Radio named the EP ‘H.E.R. Vol 1’ one of the “5 Essential R&B Albums You Slept On.”
  • NPR praised the music’s “slow-burning” quality as well as the emotional highs and lows. Forbes and The Rolling Stones magazines both included H.E.R. on their lists of artists to watch.
  • In 2017, she released her sophomore EP titled ‘H.E.R. Vol 2’, which was also executive produced by Kehlani, K Michelle, and Zhavia.
  • One single from the album, ‘Say it Again,’ was particularly successful, and the album peaked at number seven on the Hot R&B chart. A few months later, she released the follow-up to her second EP, titled ‘H.E.R. Vol 2, The B Sides,’ which was a huge success. However, unlike the previous EP, it did not make it into the top ten of many charts.
  • In August 2018, she released her fourth EP, titled ‘I Used to Know Her: The Prelude.’ The EP’s sales took off immediately after it was released by the label RCA Records, and it quickly made its way to the US Billboard 200 chart, where it peaked at number 20. The EP reached number 12 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop chart.
  • Her fan base had grown rapidly by that point. One of her memorable stage performances occurred during the 2017 BET Experience Concerts in Los Angeles. During the show, she performed alongside major artists such as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Kudi, and Khalid.
  • H.E.R. released ‘I Used to Know Her: Part 2’ in November 2018, which was another successful EP that charted on several American charts. In addition to releasing her own EPs, she has occasionally appeared on the projects of other artists. She collaborated with Daniel Caesar on his single ‘Best Part,’ which reached the top of the US Adult R&B Chart. The song was also certified Platinum by the RIAA.
  • Her songs have also been featured on the soundtracks of numerous films and television shows. She had also appeared on the soundtracks of films such as ‘Uncle Drew’ and ‘Superfly,’ with the songs ‘I Can Feel It’ and ‘This Way,’ respectively.
  • She released her debut compilation album, titled ‘H.E.R.,’ in October 2017. The album included some songs from her first two EPs as well as six new singles. It turned out to be her most successful venture to date.