George Miller

George Miller, also known as Filthy Frank and Papa Franku, is a Japanese-Australian record producer, artist, musician, and former YouTube personality. Soiled Frank’s total assets are estimated to be around $1.3 million.

He rose to prominence by posting unusual content on his social media channels. Filthy Frank, a comedian, has also created and delivered a variety of parody music under the alias Pink Guy.

Early Childhood and Education of George Miller

On September 18, 1992, in Osaka, Japan, a mill operator was born. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York City.

He attended Canadian Academy and completed his education in 2012, graduating with honors.

Filthy Frank’s Career Line

Straight to the point, he began his career in June 2008 as a member of a YouTube group known as “Tempura Boyz.” His substance is based on tirades, misappropriations, and raps on others.

On August 5, 2011, he released his first video, ‘Grimy Shit,’ which was based on a bad idea like loose bowels and earned him the nickname Filthy Frank from his adoring fans, which he still uses today.

Following the love and support of his fans, he began to blast when he launched his mainstream YouTube channel, ‘TVFilthyFrank.’ His channel chose a backup strategy to create his image picture.

Plain video relied on himself, and he was the main character in these recordings, which sought out the apparitions who lived in his house.

Jijo ran into a slew of problems because his recordings were infringing on other people’s copyrights. As a result, he stopped posting on his DizastaMusic direct channel in 2014 and started another channel TVFilthyFrank.

The mill operator’s new channel, ‘TVFilthyFrank,’ is loaded with recordings of himself and his friends. On his channel, he has a lot of arrangements, for example, ones about food, being Japanese, and a couple of more parody recordings to make people laugh.

As of August 2017, Honest’s YouTube channel DizastaMusic had over 800,000 followers and nearly 170 million views.

Honest’s new channel, ‘TVFilthyFrank,’ was well-liked by many fans and was ranked #407 among the top 500 YouTubers in April 2018, with 5.7 million endorsers and 600 million views.

On July 1st, 2014, he also launched his third channel, TooDamnFilthy. The channel is divided into two sections: “Japanese 101,” which was featured on his primary channel, and “Recoil Of The Week.”

By the end of 2017, his third channel, “TooDamnFilthy,” had 1.8 million followers and 170 million views.

Regardless, following Miller’s successful career, he issued a statement on social media, Twitter, clarifying that he had stopped creating the satire, including Filthy Frank, due to both “true medical issues” and an individual lack of interest in continuing with the arrangement.

Aside from satire, he is also a music fanatic with a passion for music composition. He started his YouTube channel as a way to promote his music.

Pink Season, his subsequent collection, debuted at number 70 on the Billboard 200.

Joji also made an unexpected appearance as Pink Guy at SXSW on March 16, 2017. He has also created more genuine and traditional music under the stage name Joji, which became his primary focus in late 2017.

Regardless, the well-known joke artist has ceased production of all Filthy Frank-related material, including Pink Guy music.

Joji released two songs as PinkOmega, “Dumplings” on June 4, 2015, and “wefllagn.ii 5” on August 28, 2015.

Other than mill operator, Asain music mark 88Rising has delivered a few melodies on YouTube, including “I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time (26 April 2017),” “Downpour on Me (19 July 2017),” and “Will He (18 October 2017).”

Smudged Frank’s Earnings and Net Worth

Foul Frank’s total assets are enormous, valued at $1.3 million. Jijo’s income is primarily derived from his professional career as a YouTube character and performer.

Forthright has three YouTube channels: “DizastaMusic channel,” which has over 800,000 supporters and nearly 170 million views, “TVFilthyFrank,” which has 5.7 million supporters and 600 million views, and “TooDamnFilthy,” which has 1.8 million supporters and 170 million views since 2017.

According to his YouTube channel and music career, we can anticipate that Miller will amass a massive sum, which will be added to Filthy Frank’s total assets.

According to Social Blade, Miller’s channel “TVFilthyFrank” earns a lot of money, with a monthly salary of $3.4k-$54.3k and a yearly salary of $40.7k-$651.7k.

His subsequent channel “DizastaMusic” has a monthly acquiring range of $199-$3.2k, with an estimated yearly acquiring range of $2.4k-$38.3k.

Frank is also a writer and essayist, having released his first book, ‘Francis of the Filth,’ in September 2017. The cost of the book is $36.00, which is simply added to Filthy Frank’s total assets.