Girl In The Basement

Lifetime has been placing a lot of emphasis on its Ripped From the Headlines series recently, and that momentum isn’t going away anytime soon. Girl in the Basement, their latest film, is a terrifying story about a deranged father who imprisons his daughter in his basement for a quarter-century.

Although the events shown in Lifetime films are frequently dramatized, is Girl in the Basement a true story? And, if so, what is the specific story? Here’s a rundown of all the known information.

The True Story of ‘Girl in the Basement’

Girls in the Basement, a Lifetime series, focuses on Sara’s terrible narrative. Don Nelson (Judd Nelson) kidnaps Sara in their basement. Irene Fisher (Joely) lies to him, claiming Sara has fled. For two decades, he has held Sara imprisoned in their basement, torturing and sexually assaulting her.

Don is displeased when Sara gives birth to several children. He persuades Irene that Sara delivered the baby to her from wherever she went.

Sara eventually gets to flee and tells her experience to the media. The film concludes with her family coming to terms with Don’s actions throughout the years. What’s the wild side of this? The representation on Lifetime is not far from the truth.

The true story the movie is based on is just as twisted

Girl In The Basement, based on a true story, depicts the young Austrian’s tragic escape from captivity. According to Oxygen, Elisabeth Fritzl was held hostage by her father between 1984 and 2008. She was ether-drugged, handcuffed, and confined in the basement.

The young girl was compelled to write a letter to her mother in which he said she fled to avoid detection. He continued to assault her sexually seven times a day.

Elisabeth’s father attempted to raise her children upstairs with his wife, much like in the film. He said that their daughter had entrusted them with their care. The situation stayed unchanged until April 19, 2008, when things began to alter. After losing consciousness in the cellar, Elisabeth finally stepped out to take her eldest kid to the hospital.

According to the mirror, Elisabeth has changed her name and relocated to an unknown little town in Austria with her children. Elisabeth found it difficult to recover from the trauma of those years.

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