Gloria James

We have always heard a famous quote, “Behind a successful man, there is definitely a contribution of a strong woman.” This quote has been proved by the favorite Basketball player LeBron James and his mother, Gloria James. We are here to present an untold story of Gloria, whose contribution, sacrifices and love brought light into the life of a national basketball player.

As it is clear now, Gloria James is the mother of LeBron James, who can be better papular as a celebrity mother of an athlete. She truly and proudly feels pride in being famous as the mother of such as impeccable son. In LeBron’s every happiness, sorrow, and struggle, Gloria has a great role as a single mother. So, without delay, let’s explore the celebrity mother’s life deeply

What is Gloria James Age?

Gloria Marie James was born to her father, Cantona James and mother, Freda James, on February 4, 1968. She mentioned her birthplace as Akron, Ohio, and she grew up alongside her siblings Curt James and Terry James. As of 2022, Gloria’s age is 54 years. Likewise, the woman is of a pure American nationality and belongs to the African-American ethnicity.

Where did Gloria receive her Education?

Gloria has kept her academic details under the wraps. But as per some online sources, the lady has only taken her education up to her high school. However, she discontinued her studies and dropped out of high school in Akron. The reason for her preliminary studies is her early age of marriage at 16.

American Celebrity Mother of LeBron James, Gloria James

What does Gloria do for a Living?

Gloria James is a self-established and successful American woman. She introduced herself as a Philanthropist, Advocate, and Socialite. However, her son LeBron James is one of the greatest players in NBA History. LeBron plays for the team “Los Angeles Lakers” and has won many championships throughout his career journey.

Gloria’s son, LeBron, often compared Michael Jordan and his great tactics to bring pressure on the opposite team by the fans. Moreover, the man is the only player who has won NBA Championships with three franchises: The Miami Heat, The Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Lakers.

How old was Gloria James when she had A Child?

Gloria James was romantically linked with a man, Anthony McClelland, during the 1980s. She was just 16 years when she became pregnant. Gloria welcomed her son LeBron James on December 30, 1984. However, after hearing the news of Gloria’s pregnancy, Anthony abandons her and her child.

As a result, LeBron has never been able to meet his biological father. Also, Gloria’s ex-partner has committed many crimes and has extensive criminal records. He also went into police custody on the charges of illegal activities.

What Happened to Gloria James?

After Gloria is abandoned by her boyfriend, the lady starts facing a hard life. She started understanding the difficulty of raising a child very early. After some years, when LeBron turned five years, Gloria’s house was destroyed by a bulldozer which caused them to shift from apartment to apartment for several years.

The continuous change in place and houses also affected the school of her child LeBron. He has missed out on nearly a hundred school days, but because of his mother’s continuous efforts, he stood up and drove forward. Furthermore, when Gloria was 19, her only support while raising her child, her mother, passed away.

However, after many years of struggle and facing hard times, Gloria James gifted a Hummer H2 to her son LeBron in 2003. That was when her son started earning money and lifting his name to the upper sides of success. But the Hummer H2 costs around $50,000 and is pushed into controversy. The mother has taken a loan to gift her son the expensive vehicle.

Gloria James with her son LeBron James and Grand Children

Who is Gloria James Boyfriend?

Gloria’s relationship is a mystery that has unknown for now. Although the woman had an only son when she was a teenager, many rumors exist about her relationships with guys. Back in 2013, Gloria founded dating a Miami-based rapper Da Real Lambo. But soon, the stories turned out to be true after some time.

The rapper Da Real Lambo used to claim James as his wife publicly. Also, he threatened Gloria’s son, LeBron, not to interfere in their love relationship as she is his wife. But soon, the duo broke up when LeBron revealed the truth about the rapper cheating on his mother.

Was Gloria in a relationship with Delonte West?

Similarly, in the year between 2009 to 2010, Gloria was rumored to have romantic ties to her son’s friend Delonte West. Although this news varies from website to website, with some denials and acceptance, the former NBA player Calvin Murphy has also confirmed that it’s true. Calvin added that it was when LeBron was busy with his games and matches during Celtics vs. Cavaliers. However, their romance did not last for long, and Delonte then married a woman named Caressa Suzzette.

Gloria James Net Worth as of 2022

Why was Gloria James Arrested?

The mother of LeBron James, Gloria, was arrested by Miami Beach Police in 2011.

As per the reports, the lady has been in part in an assault with a Valet Worker. Also, from the evidence in the scene area, the worker slap Gloria while she was in charge of alcohol. However, she was free after LeBron paid the compensation of $90.

What is Gloria James Net Worth?

Gloria James has an estimated net worth of more than $2 Million as of 2022. She also earns $100K- $150K per year. The lady has faced many ups and downs in her life. As a result, she decided to help out all those who went through a similar situation as she was. LeBron James’ Mother has worked as a Philanthropist, Businesswoman and Advocate in the United States of America.

Is Gloria active on Social Media?

Gloria James only has an Instagram profile named ‘@gloriajames.’ She has gained over 119K followers with 75 followings and 95 posts. Besides this, the celebrity mother has not had any social accounts on Facebook or Twitter at the moment.

What is Gloria James Height?

The mother of LeBron James stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 55 kgs. Gloria has body measurements of 36-28-37 inches. Miss James has a pair of dark brown eyes and long hair of the same color.

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