Gustavo Arnal

Quick Facts

Birth Name Gustavo Arnal
Nickname Gustavo
Date of Birth b/w 1969-1970
Age (as of 2022) 52-53 years
Language English
Net worth $65 million USD (approx)
Place of Birth NYC
Nationality American
Profession Businessman and Business Executive
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Ethnicity White
Popular for Committed suicide from the 18th floor
School Local school
Alma Mater University of Simon Bolivar
Universidad Metropolitana.
Education Mechanical Engineering
Master’s Degree in Finance
Height 5 Feet 10 inches, 1.80 meter
Weight 80 kg, 176 lbs.
 Social Media Facebook

Gustavo Arnal was a well-known CEO of a global corporation and an American businessman (birth between 1969 and 1970; age: 52 and 53). He was in charge of finances at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Gustavo Arnal has had numerous jobs in major corporations. But on September 2, 2022, this man abruptly committed suicide and passed away.

Who was Businessman Gustavo Arnal?

Before his passing, Gustavo Arnal worked for the Bed Bath & Beyond retail company in the United States. Since 2020, he had worked for Bed Bath & Beyond. But all of a sudden, he made the decision to commit suicide and leaped to his death from Manhattan’s Jenga Tower’s 18th floor. He died by suicide on September 2, 2022. This occurrence occurred in New York at 12:30 p.m.

Reports state that Gustavo committed suicide two days after Bed Bath & Beyond announced its intention to close 150 of its 900 stores. Previously, Mr. Arnal sold 42000 of the company’s shares. Before his death, he owned 267896 shares in the corporation, for a total of USD $6.5 million.

Age & Birth Information

Born and reared in New York City, Gustavo Arnal. In the lovely metropolis of America, he made his home and spent his days there. Arnal finished his studies while living in New York during his formative years and also earned a degree in professional studies. He received his undergraduate degree from Simon Bolivar University and his master’s degree from Universidad Metropolitana.

He had a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree and also holds a Master of Finance degree and also was almost 52 or 53 years old at the time of his death.

Family & Parents

Gustavo was less engaged on social media even though he was the CFO of the international corporation. He never had the chance to talk to his clients and fans about his family. We are no longer allowed to reveal his parents or siblings due to his wish to maintain his privacy. If his parents were still alive, we imagine they would be approaching their 70s or 80s by this point. His sibling would now be utterly devastated by his passing.

Other than this, he was an American, which was widely reported by news media publications. However, his face seemed to belong to another ethnicity, thus we have a suspicion that he was not a true American.

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Professional life

Since earning his Master’s in finance, Gustavo Arnal has had a variety of jobs. He was identified as the leader in charge of global operations with more than 28 years of expertise. Gustavo previously joined Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) as Senior Vice President, CFO of International Divisions and Global Function when he first started his professional career.

He spent 20 years working for Procter & Gamble (P&G), one of the top global manufacturers of consumer products, before joining WBA. He continued to serve Procter & Gamble as Vice President, CFO for India, the Middle East, and Africa. The worldwide supply chain restructuring and simplification of laundry detergents, P&G’s largest category, were driven by him after he was appointed CFO of Global Fabric & Home Care. During the crucial time of the merger with Gillette, he was also the Finance Director of P&G’s global Financial Planning & Analysis department.

As Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, he joined “Avon” in 2019.

Then, in April 2020, Gustavo joined Bed Bath & Beyond during the Pandemic years. He served as Bed Bath & Beyond’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Relationship Status

Let’s now make it known that Gustavo Arnal was wed to Alexandra Cadenas-Arnal in this article. They both have 25–28 years of marriage. Gustavo and his wife Alexandra Cadenas-Arnal had two daughters together. Gustavo’s wife was there in the apartment when he committed suicide on the 18th floor of the Manhattan building.

According to sources, Gustavo left his wife without saying a word before taking his own life. He didn’t leave any notes for his wife or children, either.

The media person saw his wife leave their apartment to go to Gustavo’s funeral after he passed away. When she was seen by the media, she was sobbing.

Net worth & Source of Income

It is rumored that Gustavo lived in the flat on the 18th story of the Manhattan building from which he committed suicide by jumping to his death. The apartment was $50,000,000 USD. In addition, he owned a stake in Bed Bath & Beyond worth more than $6.5 million USD. All of this demonstrated Gustavo’s millionaire status and revealed his estimated US net worth of $65 million.

Some Interesting Facts

  • He had previous expertise leading businesses and implementing business transformation.
  • Gustavo did not have a Twitter account like many other businessmen did.
  • He always enjoys taking his family on tours of various cities.
  • Internet users cannot access a lot of information about his personal life.

Questions and Answers

Who is businessman Gustavo Arnal?

He served as Bed Bath & Beyond’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

What is Gustavo Arnal’s height?

Gustavo’s height was only 5 feet, 10 inches.

Who is the wife of Gustavo Arnal?

Alexandra Cadenas-Arnal is his wife.

Gustavo Arnal is he wed?

He was indeed wed to Alexandra Cadenas-Arnal.

Gustavo Arnal: Psychopath or not?

Although it is unknown if he was a psychopath, he passed away after committing suicide.

Gustavo Arnal’s net worth was how much?

He has an estimated US net worth of $65 million.