H20 Delirious Wife Or Girlfriend: Find More About The YouTuber Relationship Status

Who is H20 Delirious Wife? He is currently dating Liz Katz. Keep reading to know about his age and net worth.

Delirious is a content creator on Youtube. He has been uploading gaming-related content on his channel since 2010 and loves playing games such as GTA 5 and Minecraft.

Delirious has earned more than 13.3 million subscribers, which makes him one of the biggest gaming YouTubers. Furthermore, his videos have garnered 4 billion total views.

H20 Delirious Wife

H20 Delirious is in a relationship with his soon-to-be wife, Liz Katz.

Liz is a famous model, gamer, cosplay artist, and actress. He and his girlfriend have also welcomed a baby girl to their family.

Their relationship was confirmed through a Twitter post in 2020, but they have not disclosed anything about their romantic ventures.

H20 Delirious Real Name and Face

H20 Delirious’s real name is Jonathan.

He is originally from Virginia but currently resides in North Carolina. Moving on, he is a very private person and has never shown his face to his audience.

He mostly posts videos on his channel with voice-over, but he has not uploaded a single video with a face cam in his 10-year Youtube career.

Some online sites have claimed to know his face, and a photo is circulating on the internet. However, we have to wait for an official face reveal as nothing has been confirmed yet.

H20 Delirious Net Worth

Reliable sources have not reported anything about H20 Delirious’s net worth.

It is estimated that his net worth is over $10 million. His primary sources of income are from his Youtube videos and brand promotions. He has been making money through gaming for the past 10 years and is surely wealthy.

H20 Delirious Age and Height

Delirious is 34 years of age.

He was born in 1987 and celebrates his birthday on May 2. Moreover, he belongs to American nationality and is living in his home country.

Moving on, H20 Delirious has not provided any figures regarding his height. Since no photos of him are available on the web, we cannot estimate how tall he is.

H20 Delirious Merch

Delirious has released his own merch for the fans.

You may purchase his products like shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, joggers from his site. The price range for his merch is very much affordable for the fans, and most of them have provided positive feedback regarding his products.