Heather Harlan

Facts of Heather Harlan

Birth Country USA
Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia,
Children: Julia Laurrette Randall, Jefferson Salvini Randall
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color Brown
Gender Female
Husband: Tony Randall
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $11 million
Profession: Actress
Religion: Christian
Star Sign: Libra

The present article is therefore one of the best examples of a wife who holds her husband’s hand until his last breath.

Moreover, she is none other than the wife of legendary actor, comedian, and singer Heather Harlam, Tony Randall. Although they were 50 years old, the couple were married in 1995.

Early Life of Heather Harlan

Heather Harlan was born in Richmond, Virginia, the USA on 20 October 1970. She is an American national and is a white ethnic group. Moreover, by religion she is Christian and her zodiac sign is Libra. In addition, she is a professional actress. She married, in addition, Tony Randall, a late American actor, comedian, and singer.

Heather is also an American actress and appeared in the 2009 film Forest of Mystery. Apart from that, Heather shares with late actor Tony Randall two lovely kids from her marriage life.

Heather Harlan’s Marital Life with old Husband, Remarried?

Heather was a married woman, as mentioned above. She married a late American actor, comedian, and singer, Tony Randall, who was 50 years old. They went down the aisle and on 17 November 1995 they were married. Moreover, the duo spent 15 years as a husband and wife until Tony Randell died at the age of 84 on 17 May 2004.

Furthermore, Heather and Tony have been married happily despite a huge age gap, with a lot of criticism and gossip topics. They were also so deeply in love and shared a strong connection. Harlan also supports her husband and takes care of it until his last breath.

In addition, the couple shares two beautiful sons from their marriage life. She is also living a single life at the moment, taking care of her children. Furthermore, we have no news yet about her remarried or dating someone. From now on, she just enjoys her life in the USA with her two children.

Does Heather Harlan have Children?

Well, with her two children from marriage life to late Tony Randall, Harlan has a happy and proud maternity life. In addition, they became parents of Julia Laurette Randall, a baby girl who was born on April 11, 1997, for the first time. After mother-in-law, Julia, and Laurette Taylor, the duo kept the name of their daughter.

In addition, Jefferson Salvini Randall, who was born on June 15, 1998, shares his second child as a baby. They also named their son Joseph Jefferson, a comic actor, and Tommasso Salvini, an Italian tragic actor. When her husband passed away in 2004, her daughter was seven and her son was six years old.

Apart from that, Tony takes care of the health and wealth of his children until his death. After Tony’s death, Heather took on all responsibilities and raised her children without any help. From now on, she is living with her two children a proud and happy motherhood life.

How much is Heather Harlan’s Net Worth in 2020?

Heather Harlan could have raised a huge amount of money as an actress in her career. Furthermore, its net worth is estimated to be around $11 million by 2020. Her husband Tony Randall, however, left Heather with $10 million when he died in 2004. Randall, the legendary actor, earned this heavy money as an actor, actor, and singer.

Heather could also earn a decent salary from her performance. In addition, Harlan is currently living a low-level life and little media and public information about her. She lives a luxurious life with her two kids.