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Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge, well-known YouTubers and vloggers, are known as the Hodgetwins. They are both stand-up comedians who own workout equipment and a brand of entertainment.

Despite a big loss in October 2018 when hackers stole 1,500 EOS ($8,500) from their cryptocurrency wallet, the Hodgetwins never gave up on their profession. Instead, they carved their own sparkling course, savoring the flavor of prosperity and tremendous fortunes along the way.

The Hodgetwins’ Wives

Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge, the fitness experts and YouTubers known as Hodgetwins, are married men. Both brothers are romantically involved with their Mexican wives.

Keith married his best friend, Elizabeth, on May 31, 2000, and has been happily married for nineteen years. Keith and Elizabeth have two children over the course of their almost ten-year marriage.

Kevin Hodge is also a husband and father. The details of his wedding, wife, and children, on the other hand, are hidden behind the bushes. There are few signs of his family’s identity, but he has been married to his wife for over eighteen years, according to sources.

Keith and Kevin regularly share updates on social media about their relationship with their life partner. Kevin declared his wife’s American citizenship in September 2017, while Keith announced his wife’s citizenship on December 22 of the same year. Keith, too, never fails to express his love and devotion to his family, including his son and daughter.

Mutual contact, according to the Hodgetwins, is the primary explanation for their long-term marriage, which has lasted since 2000. They currently reside in the same house with their wives and children, living a happy family life.

Learn about Hodgetwins’ net worth and professional career.
Kevin and Keith Hodge, aka The Hodgetwins, have amassed a net worth as YouTubers and vloggers. On September 21, 2010, they started a YouTube channel called TwinMuscle, which now has over 2,093,790 subscribers. The Hodgetwins keep fitness and bodybuilding videos and tutorials up to date.

TwinMuscle receives between $1K and $16.6K per month, for a total of $12.5K to $199.5K a year, according to socialblade.com. They also have a YouTube channel, TheHodgetwins, where they post funny videos. They also have an online clothing collection that includes a variety of outfits and wearables.

Keith served in the army as a US Marine and even worked in finance before becoming popular. Kevin became a stand-up comic and starred in the film The Last of the Great Romantics in 2014. According to PayScale, the comedian’s median annual income is $30,000, suggesting that he has shattered tens of thousands of dollars and fortunes.

Hodgetwins Gets a Reaction From Cardi B

On August 19, the Hodgetwins posted a video to their YouTube channel titled “Cardi B interviews Joe Biden.”

The twins slammed Cardi B for interviewing presidential candidate Joe Biden in the video. Politics, they said, isn’t her thing. She should stop talking and start rapping. Rap and strip are two different types of music. That’s what she’s good at. That is what she excels at.

They also said that she should restrict herself to stripping and removing her clothes for men. She should limit her sexualization of women to that.

Cardi B said on Twitter in response to the Hodgetwins’ video, which she later deleted, that politics was her thing because she pays more taxes than the two of them combined. Maybe she wouldn’t have had to strip when the Hodgetwins tried to bring up her history if there was a President who made college education free.

When the Hodgetwins found out about the tweet, they made a follow-up video called “Cardi B Reacts to the Hodgetwins.”

The twins apologised briefly for being too rough with her at first, but they later fought back and called her out. They believed that just because she pays higher taxes does not indicate that she is knowledgeable about politics.

Wiki And A Short Bio

The Hodgetwins, whose real names are Kevin and Keith Hodge, were born in 1975 in Virginia, United States, and their birthday is September 17th. They are of Afro-American ancestry and are citizens of the United States. Keith is 1.92 meters tall, while Kevin is 1.94 meters tall and cute.

The Hodgetwins received degrees in Account and Finance from American Intercontinental University after graduating from high school.

The Hodgetwins were raised by their parents and two siblings, Rosalyn Hodge and a brother. In September 2013, their mother passed away.