How I escaped death in Plateau attack, Ibadan man recounts


Taiwo Oluwafemi Ilugbusi, an indigene of  Oyo State escaped death by the whiskers in the Plateau attack that happened last month.

Taiwo,  a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Abuja is happily married and  blessed with two children.

A staff of SwiftChariot Transit Services but posted to work in Barkin Ladi , a local government situated in Plateau state.

Narrating his experience, Taiwo said, “on the 24th of June, 2018 a day that I will never forget, we were relaxing in our house when we heard serious noise and panic outside. 

“On looking outside we saw people running helter skelter and shouting. I went outside and heard people running up and down in panic and shouting that fulani herdsman were attacking and shooting people, I immediately gathered my family and ran for shelter in nearby church, Church of Christ in Nations (COCN where a lot of people had already taken refuge. Houses were destroyed and vandalized.

“It was a traumatizing experience. At the church we quickly mobilized ourselves and started trying to save and rescue less fortunate villagers that were injured. 

“During the course of trying to rescue others I was captured and seriously manhandled by the herdsmen. I was able to escape and avoid being killed. While hiding I heard them looking for me and shouting in a language I could not understand but it was scary.

“After hiding for a long time on discovering they had gone I came out. On getting to my house it had been destroyed I packed the little valuables I could gather and went to my office to do the same.

“I began a frantic search for my family whom I couldn’t find at the church where I left them, there was no where I did not search for them but to no avail. I went as far as searching in the hospitals within and around Barkin Ladi

“Prior to this horrific tragedy, i had applied for and had been granted a visa to Canada. It was not my desire to stay in Canada but with all that had happened to me I no longer want to live in a country where the safety of the lives and properties of individuals cannot be protected

“I am struggling to survive now and to put all the trauma behind me. If I return back to Nigeria, it will be like opening new wounds all over again. I cannot live with the memories and pains.

“The constant thinking, worrying and fears has caused my blood pressure to be unstable.

“I am too scared and desire a new and fresh start. I still remember seeing people being shot and hacked down gruesomely. It constantly sends shivers down my spine. 

“Our government is yet to find a solution to gruesome killings by these herdsmen.

“I have decided to seek asylum here in Canada for my safety and a better frame of mind in moving forward in life so as to be able to forget the horrific memories that continually plague me.

A second chance to live again is all that I asked for”he said.


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