Update On Tilly Ramsay Weight Loss Journey

Till Ramsey has certainly made her fans wonder about her weight loss journey after the fiasco with a fellow host some time ago.

“Steve Allen said about Tilly Ramsay live on air: ‘She’s a chubby little thing, isn’t she? Have you noticed anything? I’m guessing it’s her father’s cooking.’

The news has created a huge sensation on social media. Everyone is protesting and complaining against him as a result of which he has been asked to discontinue the radio segment.

Dr. Alex, a Youth Mental Health Ambassador, has also spoken out about such comments. He emailed a letter to LBC radio about how damaging comments about someone’s weight can be.

As well as the impact they can have on an individual’s mental health. He goes on to say that it will have a negative impact not only on the victim but also on all of the show’s listeners.

What Happened To Tilly Ramsay During Strictly Come Dancing 2021?

Tilly Ramsay has been subjected to body shaming by Steve Allen, the host of the LBC radio show.

The incident has thrown the media into utter chaos. Everyone who has heard the news is rooting for Tilly and criticizing Steve.

In addition, Tilly who is just 19 didn’t hold back and made a powerful post on Instagram. She writes, “I tried not to respond to the negative comments, but being called out on a national radio station by a 67-year-old man is a step too far.”

She further adds, “Steve, please feel free to express your opinions, but don’t cross the line at commenting on someone else appearance.”

Her father Gordon is proud to have her stand up against such misconduct. The 54-year-old then discussed his own struggles with his weight and how he overcame them.

Whether she is overweight or not, we cannot deny that she is an amazing dancer and a tough competitor on the BBC show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Was Tilly Ramsay Sick?

We don’t have any report of Tilly Ramsay being sick as of now.

People are speculating that she might have an eating disorder based on her weight. However, she has not said anything about it.

Meanwhile, gaining a little weight does not always imply that you are an overeater or have an eating disorder.

As a result, we can’t say whether she’s sick or fit and healthy without her announcement.

Based on her performances in the dancing show, where she has been impressing all of the judges with her dance moves, she appears to be perfectly fine.