How Old Is kaelyn wilkins? Age, Height, Instagram (Faze Rug Girlfriend)

YouTube sensation Kaelyn Wilkins is also known as “mpatient13”. She is popular among youngsters because of her YouTube channel.  Kaelyn was one of the popular members of theYouTube channel name as SevenSuperGirls. Hence, she left the “SevenSuperGirls” channel and created her gaming channel in 2013 which was named as “mpatient”.

Kaelyn Wilkins Boyfriend

As Kaelyn Wilkins is one of the popular youngest celebrity. She hasn’t revealed anything about her boyfriend till now. But, we can see her hanging out with her friends in public. Once on her Instagram, she had posted a photo with scarecrow mentioning it as her boyfriend. Most of the people liked that post.

Kaelyn Wiklin Height(5 feet and 5 inches)

Standing tall with a decent height of 5 feet and inches Kaelyn looks amazing. Her light brown eyes, black hair add complements her beauty. Therefore, in most of her videos, photos she looks pretty amazing. 19 years old Kaelyn has a well-maintained physique as she weighs around 55 kg. Also, most of the people are obsessing over Kaelyn beauty features.

Kaelyn Wilkins Instagram

In her Instagram account, she often posts photos with food, her friends. Her Instagram posts are too eye-catchy therefore she has huge numbers of followers on Instagram accounts. Her Instagram accounts have more than 550 thousand+ followers. Many of the celebrities have followed her in her Instagram journey. She is often active on her Instagram. Due to her busy schedule sometimes she won’t keep continuity in her all social media accounts. However, she manages to keep her Instagram more active and post more real.

Kaelyn Wilkins Age

Kaelyn was born on 23 July, 2000 in Colorado, USA. She is 19 years old young, beautiful woman. Her birth sign is Leo. At a very early age, she started her career as a YouTuber. At the very beginning of her career, she joined the YouTube channel which was named as “SevenSuperGirls”. Later, in 2012 they decided to change the name to “SevenSuperGirls”. “Because of her YouTube channel “SevenSuperGirls”, she is popular among so many people. Later she decides to create her vblogging channel in 2010. In 2013 her gaming channel name as “mpatient” was created. Her popular YouTube channel “mpatient13” has more than 1 million subscribers. Though her full name is Kaelyn Olivia Wilkins but she is mostly known as mpatient or mpatient13. The gaming channel “mpatient” contains the information about “MineCraft” game. At the age of five, Kaelyn joined primary school. Her mother encourages her to be a singer. Kaelyn is a beautiful child of Michael Wilkins and Mellisa Wilkins. In middle school, her best friend moved away. So she didn’t like to go to school often. Therefore, she did her middle schooling from her home. Her parents always supported her in her decisions. Because of her hard work, she manages to keep her name as a young popular celebrity. Among the list of popular celebrities born in July Kaelyn is one of them. Though she loves playing with dolls at a young age but she didn’t upload videos of her playing with dolls. Her younger brother and her dog Abby often appear in her videos. She enjoys playing, shopping, watching YouTube, creating videos with different contents. And also she is one of the “Montgomery Aquatics Race Club” members.