IHateEverything is a popular English YouTuber known for his rants and opinion videos on his channel. IHateEverything frequently begins his videos with the words “I Hate,” and he has over 2.6 million subscribers.

How old is IHateEverything?

As of 2020, IHateEverything will be 26 years old. He was born on March 15, 1994, in New Zealand, under the sign of Pisces. He is currently residing in Calne, England. His given name is Alex Beltman. He has a Corgi named Argy. His mother uses the handle @Jumabo1 on Twitter. Similarly, he has a brother named Jamie (@jamiebeltman on Twitter).

Similarly, he is of New Zealander nationality and is a British commentary YouTuber. He hasn’t even revealed his ethnicity. Moving on to his educational background, he may have completed his University graduation but has never mentioned the name of his educational institution.

How much is IHateEverything Net Worth?

Speaking of IHateEverything’s earnings, he is a well-known YouTuber who has amassed a sizable fortune through his work. According to his YouTube statistics, he has published 259 videos totaling more than 391.7 million views on his channel, where he creates 1 new video every month on average. As a result, as of March 2020, he has a net worth of $558, 000. He also earns money from his side jobs. However, he is living a lavish lifestyle as a result of his good fortune.

Is IHateEverything in a relationship?

In terms of IHateEverything’s relationship status, he could be single or in a relationship. He has kept his personal life out of the spotlight and has not revealed his relationship with any girl. He doesn’t appear to be married yet. He may, however, enter into a relationship or have a marital affair after finding his perfect match.

Controversies of IHateEverything

On November 6, 2015, he posted a review of the film Cool Cat Saves the Kids for his series “The Search For The Worst.” His video was removed on November 9, 2015. Similarly, the movie’s creator Derek Savage gave his channel a strike for copyright infringement, despite the videos falling under fair use law.

Similarly, he released numerous videos depicting the events of the incident, including emails between Alex and Derek and tweets from Derek Savage’s “Cool Cat” account. It’s clear in his video “With Apologies To Derek Savage.” As of now, he has not been involved in any controversial acts.

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016, his YouTube channel was suspended for unknown reasons. His channel was restored the next day thanks to his fans and other YouTubers such as GradeAUnderA, Boogie2988, iDubbbzTV, H3H3 Productions, LeafyIsHere, and JonTron. Alex became a voice for those who faced similar situations as a result of YouTube’s “poor” handling of the suspension and the community’s overall frustration with YouTube’s guidelines.

How tall is IHateEverything?

IHateEverything has a pleasant personality. Because he hasn’t revealed much about himself on social media, he hasn’t revealed his exact height, weight, or body stats. Similarly, he has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Career line of IHateEverything

  • Concerning IHateEverything’s professional life, he began his YouTube career on August 23, 2013 with the launch of his channel. He is well-known for his “I Hate” series, in which he combines exaggeration and his own opinions to deliver comedic social commentary.
  • Similarly, on August 25, 2013, he posted his first debut video titled “I HATE PEWDIEPIE’S RABID FANS,” which has received over 1.3 million views. He initially gains a large number of fan followers due to his interesting content. His current series are as follows:
  • His first series on the channel is titled “I Hate [BLANK].” In his hate videos, he discusses a popular topic for which he has an influential and strong hatred, as well as the topics he likes and mostly dislikes.
  • The Search For The Worst is a series in which he interprets the lowest-rated movies on IMDb. He also discusses some of his least favorite movies in the hopes of discovering the worst. He works in-depth on individual scenes and provides an exaggerated review of the film in question (s).
  • His Comment Comeback series consists of him revisiting some of his older, more dubious and controversial videos. In this video, he finds the most amusing hate comments and fools around with them, reacting to them.
  • To accompany his episodes of the popular The Search For The Worst, he creates a video titled “Trying to watch (title of movie)” side by side for each episode. In this video, he watches the film with a friend(s), making fun and first impression-like hypercritical reactions, which are usually cut down to avoid copyright and to ensure the viewer is engaged.
  • He has also created a playlist with his special videos such as “The WORST Films I Saw in 2019,” “Uwe Boll’s CRAZY Letterboxd Reviews,” “The Most HATED YouTube Videos,” and many more.
  • In addition, he has previously created several video series, including “I Love,” “Mini Rants,” “The Quest for the Best,” and “Q&As.” Although, in the series ‘I Love,’ he supports things he likes, in contrast to “I HATE,” and he works a parody character “I Love Everything” rather than his classic “I Hate Everything,” On ‘Mini Rant’ videos, he included several small rants that he thought would make a good “I HATE” video.
  • In contrast to “The Search For The Worst,” the series “The Quest For The Best” discusses some of his favorite recent films. Though he is no longer active, he used to host a series of “Q&A”s in which he answered fan questions. It began as just fun Q&As but quickly evolved into his way of creating specials for reaching a certain number of subscribers.
  • Alex, also known as “IHateEverything,” has a side channel called JAR Media, which he runs with his friends James and Ruben, as well as his brother Jamie. He analyzes games and movies and has started hosting podcasts in addition to discussing topics and questions asked by fans on the chance.
  • In December 2015, it was revealed that JAR’s partner had been taking a 60% stake in the company without their knowledge. As a result, they have deleted the original channel and created a new one with the same name.
  • Currently, this channel has over 93.6k subscribers and over 11 million views. As of February 2017, the channel focuses on ‘Blabs,’ short ramblings on unusual topics, and the moderately successful JarCast (AKA. Yogspogs, Jarmedia Pozdact, Yogscast, Pussycast).
  • His channel offers powerful and strong opinions on things you can take violently out of context to make yourself look like a fool on the internet.