Is Brittany Renner A Gold Digger? Facts To Know About Her

Brittany is recognized as a social media star who posts fashionable photos on Instagram. The beauty is active in sharing her workout videos and promoting fitness products through the internet medium.

Her baby children support: Is Brittany Renner A Gold Digger?

It is believed that Brittany Renner had a baby with PJ Washington to use him and get rid of him later. On the other side, PJ tweeted, saying she was faking it all till now.

In this incident, the internet has supported him, trolling him for getting used by the model. Brittany also stated in her recent video saying it is simple to have intercourse with NBA players as they all are dumb.

There is news popping up claiming that PJ will be remunerating $200k for child support. However, the man has dismissed the rumor.

Check on her Ex-Boyfriends

On the first list comes Casey Therriault with whom Brittany had a relationship for five years straight. She even dumped her manager’s advice to be with him.

However, after Brittany got fame, their relationship fell apart.

After him, Brittany got linked with various athletes and musicians. The model has confronted that she had slept with 5 entertainers, 11 athletes, and 8 regular men.

Brittany, a month later, published a book titled “Judge This Cover” where she flashed all her sexual experiences with numerous celebrities. The names are not revealed but it’s assumed Casey, Colin Kaepernick, Trey Songz, Drake, Tyga, Chris Brown, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Her total estimated Net worth

Brittany Renner has a total net worth of between $500k to $800k USD. No doubt, as a model, she has a great personality with gorgeous looks and figures.

Other than being a model, her income source also comes from a business.

Brittany trades sports-style hoodies, leggings, yoga pants, and V-necks.

Brittany Renner Biography: Explore her Family status

Getting to her Bio, Brittany originally belongs to Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The lady is half African- American and Caucasian.

Brittany was raised with two siblings named Lexie and Steven.

Moreover, Brittany played soccer in her school days which also led her team to win the SWAC championship. Exploring her family, Brittany clarifies she doesn’t come from wealthy family background nor the educated one.

That’s why Brittany was more passionate about jobs than studying at school from such a young age. She always wished for her family’s happiness.

Is she on Instagram?

Brittany Renner is with the name bundleofbrittany on Instagram. Currently, she has 4.6 million followers with 68 posts in total. It seems Brittany isn’t much active on her Instagram page.

We can spot her pictures of modeling, adorable child and enjoying with friends.