Is Zach Hadel Dating Girlfriend? Rumors of Gay; His Bio, Net Worth, Height, Psychicpebbles

American psychicpebbles, Zach Hadel well-known for his Internet animations on Newgrounds and YouTube. He is popular for being a member of the Let’s Play web series OneyPlays. Also, he is an American animator, voice actor, YouTuber, writer, director, and storyboard artist as well.

Bio of Zach Hadel

On 13th May 1990, Zach Hadel born in Los Angeles, California, USA to American parents. However, he is yet to be mentioned his parents name, early life, and siblings info. Zach has American nationality and is of white ethnicity.

Likewise, his academics info yet to be out but seems very much skilled in photoshop, storyboarding & creative writing. His fans hope that he shares such information in the future.

What’s Zach Hadel Net Worth?

$5 Million is the estimated net worth of Zach Hadel according to reports. With his talents, he earned  success on media platforms has increased his wealth by a large margin. According to pay scale, the average salary of Animator around $56359 and might be earning over the average salary due to his popularity.

Also, his net worth benefited from his Patreon page that sells his work to fans for $1 per month. From his multiple career, he earns over $1 Million per year as per reports. Zach earned between $4.7K – $75.1K per year from his YouTube channel according to Social Blade.

Is Zach Hadel Dating Girlfriend? Rumors of Gay

Well, Zach Hadel is yet to mentioned dating life with his girlfriend. When it comes to his personal life, he remains tight-lipped about his relationship status. But rumors of him being in a relationship comes time and again. As per rumors, Zach was in a relationship with another YouTuber whose details missing. Also, she has worked as animator.

The duo been together for a number of years according to rumors. Well, he is also suspected being a married man for three years to a mysterious woman. Then rumors of Zach being gay started after his relationship with boyfriend Chris O’Neill, known better as OneyNG out. But it turns out to be rumors only. Also, he hasn’t said anything of  these allegations. So it is hard to determine Zach personal life; dating, girlfriend, and single.

Height of Zach Hadel

Zach Hadel has a height of 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78m tall. His body weighs around 67kg or 147 pounds. Zach has black color hair with dark brown eyes color.

Psychicpebbles’ Voice & Face

Also, he is known for his role in the podcast SleepyCabin. In the podcast, he talked about random what-if scenarios and other thing that stood out in the podcast was Zach’s voice. The listeners described as being nasally and stuffy sounding.

His podcast featured famous animators and content creators including Psychicpebbles talking about funny random stuff. SleepyCabin aired from the year 2014 to 2019. Also, Zach doesn’t show his face in his uploads on social media and led to curiosity about his appearance. His face is an animated picture of himself which he uses as the thumbnail on his YouTube channel.

Career of Zach Hadel

In the year 2009, he started his professional career because of love for art and animation. Hadel began uploading animations to Newgrounds, an online entertainment website. He met  met animator Chris O’Neil, then the duo collaborate to create the series Hellbenders.

On 17th February 2011, Zach started his YouTube channel under the alias Psychicpebbles. His YouTube channel related to animations having more than 195 million views. His YouTube channel, he has over 1.42 million subscribers. Also, he has worked as a voiceovers. Zach voiced Ity in a segment of the 2018 Netflix stand up comedy Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity.

Also, he is a writer, director, and producer as well. Then his animated series, Smiling Friends, first aired on Adult Swim on 1st April 2020. His show received, prompting Adult Swim to approve the production of the rest of the series and scheduled to air in 2021 as well.