J. G. Quintel

Facts of J. G. Quintel

Age: 36 years
Birth Place: Kings County, Hanford, California, USA
Born Name: James Garland Quintel
Ethnicity: White
Height: 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $1.6 million
Parents: Terri Quintel (née Morris) and James Allen Quintel
Wife: Cassia Streb
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

If you are the person who normally has children, you might know the Cartoon Network and a regular show on the channel. We’re going to talk about J.G here today.

Quintel, a cartoonist and voice actor who has created a regular exhibition. Quintel is a writer, storyboard artist, vocal actor, producer, all-in-one director and, for his talents, has accumulated a decent net value.

Early Life of J. G. Quintel

James Garland Quintel, better known as J.G. Quintel, born on 13 September 1982. Quintel. His native is Hanford, California, USA, and he was born to James Quintel and Terri (nee Morris). J.G. Quintel is 6′1′′ tall (1.85 m). His hair and eyes are dark browns.

When James spoke about his education, he attended Hanford High School, where he graduated. As his desire for drawing increased, he joined the California Arts Institute (CalArts). Every weekend in a 48-hour race, he and his friends competed in a hat, drawing a word and developing a cartoon of the word in 48-hour rushes.

J.G. J.G. Quintel’s Personal Life and His Wife

J.G. Quintel has married Cassia Streb with his wife. In 2010, the couple walked down the alley. But he prefers to keep his married life out of the media and Cassia’s information is very small.

James also has a daughter from his relationship with Cassia, Lynn Streb Quintel. Quintel did not reveal the date of birth of his daughter.

J.G. J.G. Quintel’s Net Worth and Earnings

J.G. Quintel has an estimated net worth of $1.6 million. The bulk of this money is generated from his show revenues, Regular Show. His cartoon series, which airs in the network of cartoons, constitutes the bulk of his net worth. The show has been going on for almost 10 years now and was the first broadcast in 2009. It has 245 episodes and continues to be strong. Quintel is Mordecai’s voice in the Regular Show.

The Cartoon Network’s average salary is about $75,434. However, as Quintel should fall into the company’s 90th percentile, we can expect its salary to amount to over $94,431.

Quintel will also have a show, Close Enough on TBS. In this show, he is the director, author, producer, animator, and actor. Quintel’s role has not yet been announced, but the show is highly anticipated

Career Line of J. G. Quintel

  • After graduation, he studied at the Cartoon Network and worked on cartoons such as Camp Lazlo and The Marvelous Flapjack Adventures.
  • He could pitch in his idea of a show, a regular show that replaced Cartoonstitute on the channel after a short space of time.
  • James is very talented and has acquired credits in various show business sectors.
  • As a result, he is a writer of 16 credits, an actor of 15, and a director of 12. Quintel also has spreading credits as a producer, editor, and contributor to the art department.
  • Quintel has also been working on various other popular productions, such as Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, and Star Wars: Clone Wars.
  • In the 2012 category of Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program Quintel won a Primetime Emmy award. He was the nominee four other times for the same award.