James Hesketh

James Hesketh is popularly known as the Ex-husband of famous American actress Spencer Grammer. She is popular for her role as the voice of Summer Smith in the Adult Swim animated science fiction series Rick and Morty. Also in the comedy-drama series Greek.

Name James Hesketh
Age 35-40
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Fire fighter

Let’s learn more about James Hesketh: Spencer Grammer’s Ex-husband and his age, height, birthday, Instagram, wiki, children, and more.

10 facts on James Hesketh

  1. James is the ex-husband of the actress Spencer Grammer. Speech is the daughter Kelsey Grammer. He is an American actor, comedian, singer, producer, director, and activist.
  2. James is around 35-40 years old and his ex-wife Spencer is 35 years old. The couple decided to divorce after 6 years of relationship. They decided to separate in 2017.
  3. Hesketh and Spencer have an 11 years old son. And now both want joint physical and legal custody of the youngster. It is also said that the couple is having meditation. It seems that they are having a messy divorce battle as TMZ reports and are hoping to solve custody and property issues via mediation.
  4. James is a firefighter and is not as much popular as her ex-wife.
  5. His ex-wife name was named after her aunt’s name who was murdered in 1975. She has 6 half-siblings: three half-sisters and also  3 half-brothers. Furthermore, one half-sister named Madison.
  6. He met his ex-wife at the mutual friends house in LA. After meeting with each other they dated almost 2 years and on her birthday they decided to marry with each other.
  7. There is no information about James’ social media account. It seems like he is not interested in internet life.
  8. Also, he is a firefighter but his actual net worth income is still not disclosed.
  9. James is a peace lover and doesn’t want to collect fame from the media so he keeps his private life personal.
  10. He loves traveling new places and also it seems like he has more attachment with his son Emmett.