Jason Schanne Biography, Age, Husband, Net Worth

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Who is Jason Schanne?

Jason Schanne is a British model known for being the partner of Bruno Tonioli, a judge at “Strictly Come Dancing” – a British television Dance competition.

Bruno Tonioli doesn’t like to talk about his relationship with Jason. But during the premiere of the 29th season of (Dancing with the Stars) DWTS fans kept asking more questions.

Jason made a brief appearance with his partner on social media and many awards shows.

So in this post, we will be writing about Jason Schanne Biography, age, and net worth.

First let’s look at his profile.

Jason Schanne Biography

Jason Schanne was born on August 5, 1986. The celebrity partner is 34 years of age in 2020.

He is in a relationship with Bruno Tonioli who is 65 years of age.

Jason Schanne and Bruno Tonioli started a relationship in 2000 according to heart.co.uk.

But they took their relationship up a notch in 2012 when they held a commitment ceremony that was attended by celebrities like Evan Lysacek, Perez Hilton, and Johnny Weir.

In 2020, the lovebirds aren’t married but still committed to each other, although many consider that their commitment ceremony was a sign of engagement.

Jason Schanne’s family members and relatives include Michael Robbins, Nancy Austin, Shanna Jones, Darrell Fatum, and Teresa Gant.

He once resided in Jackson, Michigan until he moved to London to live with Bruno.

Is Jason taller than Bruno?

Jason Schanne is several inches taller than his partner, Bruno Tonioli who stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

On Dec 12, 2018, the duo stood together during the Mary Poppins Returns movie premiere in London, UK. Jason, who was taller than Bruno, put his arms around his lover and stands a few inches above Bruno.

Jason Schanne Social media

Jason Schanne chose to remain out of social media to maintain his stealth mode in the entertainment industry.

Currently, Jason Schanne does not have an Instagram account or a Facebook account.

However, his partner Bruno has an Instagram @brunotonioliofficial with over 239K followers and a Twitter account, @BrunoTonioli with 212K followers.

Jason Schanne Net Worth

However, if Jason was to marry Bruno, he would be entitled to Bruno’s net worth of £8 million (over $10 million).

In case you want to know, Bruno was paid £250,000 for his two-month stint on Strictly Come Dancing in 2017. So, you can imagine, given his appearances on different shows, he earned a handsome salary.

Jason Schanne’s income is not made public and his sources of income or career remains a mystery.