Jason Tartick

Jason Tartick’s chance of winning Rebecca Kufrin’s heart ended on the ninth scene of The Single Woman’s fourteenth period. The star, who works as a financier, left the show and returned to his previous job. Nonetheless, keep in mind that he is currently putting forth an honest effort to secure the lead role in 2019 for The Lone Wolf. 

What Age is Jason Tartick?

Jason Tartick’s true birthday has yet to be revealed, despite the fact that he was born in 1988. He was born in Bison, New York, and spent his childhood there. We don’t know his zodiac sign because his date of introduction to the world is unknown. He is of white-American nationality and identifies as an American. He received his education at Williamsville East Secondary School and later at the College of New York.

Jason is cryptic when it comes to his parents and family’s personalities. His sibling, in any case, is well-known. Chris Harrison, the host of the show, revealed that his younger sibling is gay. Aside from that, nothing is said about his relatives.

What is Jason Tartick Net Worth?

He earns $139,817 per year as a Corporate Broker. Mic.com also revealed that he received $100,000 as The Single Woman Challenger. When all of these items are added together, Jason’s net worth is valued at $500,000.

Does Jason Tartick have a Wife/Girlfriend?

Following the show, Jason began to remain silent about his personal life. He rarely transferred pictures with women in web-based media before going to the show, which halted immediately after being unloaded.

He stated that his Valentine is none other than his mother on Valentine’s Day. He is keeping his projects under wraps for the time being.

Jason Tartick’s Height, and Weight

Jason stands at a respectable height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.8 m) and weighs around 73 kilograms. He has white conditioned skin, earthy colored hair, and hazel eyes, as he is a native American. There isn’t much information about his body sizes available.

Jason Tartick’s Career Line and Net Worth

  • In 2010, he joined Key Corporate and Business Bank shortly after graduation.
  • He worked for the company in four different departments and was promoted each time.
  • He is currently employed as a VP Senior Center Market Broker for a similar company.
  • He could be a lead role in The Single Man in 2019.
  • For the new season, he’ll be up against Blake Horstmann, Colton Underwood, and Joe Amabile.
  • Jason was one of the fourteenth Single Woman’s candidates.
  • The show premiered on May 28, 2018, with the goal of winning Rebecca Kufrin’s heart. Jason and Kufrin took things slowly at first, and their relationship was smooth.
  • She even paid a visit to Jason’s relatives.
  • In any case, on July 23, 2018, Becca decided he was no longer a good fit for her and dumped him.
  • Jason appears to have assured Becca that she is his ideal closest companion.