Jaymes Foster

Facts of Jaymes Foster
Full Name: Jaymes Foster
Birth Day: 30th November 1957
Nationality: Canadian
Horoscope: Unknown
Ex-Husband: Clay Aiken
Net Worth: $5 million
Marital Status: Divorced
Profession: actress and producer
Children: Parker Foster Aiken
Father: Morry Foster
Mother: Eleanor Foster

Jaymes Cultivate is notable as the superstar sister of David Encourage. Her fame arrives at another level after her relationship with Earth Aiken. Mud is an American vocalist, TV character, entertainer, political applicant, and lobbyist.

Jaymes Encourage’s Profile or Wiki

Jaymes is the girl of father Morry Cultivate and mother Eleanor Encourage. Her introduction to the world date is 30th November 1957 and her origin is victoria, English Columbia. Having a Canadian identity, Jaymes is of white nationality.

Jaymes has a kin sibling David Encourage who is a Canadian performer, writer, arranger, record maker, and music chief. She is an accomplished individual however subtleties of her schooling actually absent.

Jaymes Cultivate and Mud Aiken Relationship

Jaymes Encourage’s relationship with Aiken is convoluted. The pair has been here and there the relationship. As a matter of fact, she is the mother of Earth Aiken’s kid. Regardless of that, the pair just an old buddy. Mud misleadingly inseminated her after their common agreement.

Notwithstanding being the guardians of a youngster, they just kept a well-disposed relationship. Jaymes and Mud became guardians of a child named Parker Encourage Aiken in the year 2007. After the introduction of their youngsters, the couple has been in and out of court in Los Angeles over guardianship issues including their child.

Jaymes won the authority of her child Parker and now she is accepting $90 thousand from Earth as youngster uphold.

“Earth has given a significant sum to Jaymes for kid uphold, “The reason for the youngster uphold installment which is more than $7,500 a month is that Jaymes is bringing Parker up in an extremely extravagant way of life”

As indicated by reports,

“Jaymes doesn’t have some other wellsprings of consistent pay other than her month to month youngster uphold from Mud”

The purpose behind Jaymes Encourage and Dirt Aiken Partition

Jayme’s purported spouse Mud Aiken came out as gay in a September 2008 meeting with Individuals magazine. The pair became guardians in the year 2007. In the next years, the team relationship has disintegrated. They have been to court in Los Angeles a few times because of authority debates. Because of Aiken’s different vocations, he lost the care fight with Encourage.

“Since Dirt is rushing to turn into an individual from Congress, he hasn’t had the option to invest as much energy with his child Parker as he has before,” the source said. “Jaymes is the essential guardian to their child, and she genuinely is an astounding mother, very active. It’s exceptionally disappointing for Jaymes in light of the fact that Mud will grumble he doesn’t will invest enough energy with Parker, and when he is allowed that time, it’s insufficient.” Likewise, the source added “Jaymes feels that she can’t successfully fulfill Earth, and now it’s affecting their child. Mud and Jaymes used to be excellent companions. She pays him a great deal of cash in kid uphold every month.”

The primary driver of their relationship questions since Dirt is giving less an ideal opportunity for their child. Additionally, they face some genuine family inconvenience that cut off their association.

Jaymes Cultivate’s Total assets

Indeed, Jaymes Encourage is only famous as the big-name sister of David Cultivate. For the present, her present wellspring of bringing in is kid uphold cash give by Dirt. She is getting more than $90 thousand per year. Yet, Mud Aiken has expected total assets of $6 million procured from his different vocations.

Likewise, he has land property worth over $5 million. He has been functioning as an American vocalist lyricist, TV character, creator, dissident, and government official. His occupation is the prime wellspring of his procuring.


As indicated by sources, Jaymes Encourage is an entertainer yet data on her acting profession is absent. She is notable as the superstar sister of David Cultivate. So it is difficult to accept she has functioned as an entertainer. Her sibling David Encourage is a Canadian artist, author, arranger, record maker, and music chief.

Likewise, he has won 16 Grammy Grants from 47 selections. Jayme’s prevalence raises to the following level after she turned into the mother of Earth Aiken’s child. Her previous boyfriend Mud Aiken is an American vocalist, TV character, entertainer, political up-and-comer, and extremist.

In the year 2003, he completed second put on the second period of American Icon. He proceeded to appreciate an effective melodic profession in spite of not winning the opposition.