Jazza (Josiah Brooks)

Facts of Jazza (Josiah Brooks)
Full Name: Jazza (Josiah Brooks)
Birth Day: April 20, 1989
Nationality: Australian
Horoscope: Taurus
Wife: Unknown
Net Worth: $2 million
Marital Status: Married
Profession: YouTuber and artist
Sibling: 5
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A

Jazza is a YouTuber and artist who began working from his carport with the goal of creating his own little slice of heaven. His 3.2 million fans are educated and moved by him, and he teaches them how to draw and animate.

Josiah, an Australian who lives nearby, has worked in a variety of fields and is known for being a YouTuber, a business visionary, and a family man. His YouTube channel, ‘Draw with Jazza,’ is well-known for teaching people how to paint, energize, and draw.

Early Life of Jazza

Josiah was born on April 20, 1989, in Australia, and was given the nickname “Jos.” His zodiac sign is Taurus, and he is of Australian descent. Josiah shared his sibling with his five siblings, including Shad M Creeks, a YouTuber with the Shadiversity channel.

Josiah was raised by five different relatives in the lovely country of Australia. Shad M Creeks, his younger sibling, also has a YouTube channel called Shadiversity. In any case, no information about Josiah’s various kin and guardians has been revealed.

How much Net Worth Does Jazza Estimate?

Josiah’s fortune comes from a variety of places, including his YouTube channels, books, and his work as a money manager. The correct figure of his total assets is still being audited. Any way we look at it, he’s made a lot of money. According to Social Edge, he earns $67.1k to $1.1 million per year as a YouTuber and has total assets of $2 million.

To Whom Wife/Girlfriend Did Jazza tie the Weeding knot?

Josiah is married, but her personality is shrouded in mystery, and she has a child, MJ, who stands for Smaller than expected Jazza. On July 4, 2014, he shared a photo on Instagram with his loved one wearing rings on their fingers and captioned it, “definitively attracted.” In addition, he shared a photo of his significant other’s fantastic Dota 2 themed wedding cake.

Similarly, on his YouTube channel, Josiah video blogs about his youngster’s and family’s daily schedules. He enjoys sharing his child’s photographs and is excited to see how far his child has progressed.

With the first selfie at 19 months and getting the essential articulation of his youngster in the camera, Josiah is constantly transferring pictures and chronicles about his kid’s life and various other gifts related to his loved one, Josiah is constantly transferring pictures and chronicles about his kid’s life. On YouTube, a man posting video blogs about his child and family content encourages us to anticipate his love for his family.

Body Size of Jazza

Josiah is about 6 feet tall and has a commanding presence. With his blue eyes and brownish hair, he has a consistent ability to hypnotize his audience.

Jazza’s Career Line

  • On the YouTube channel ‘Draw with Jazza,’ the Australian artist shares his outline tips.
  • He also runs three other channels, including ‘Jazza Studios,’ ‘Josiah Creeks Music,’ and ‘Step by Step Jazza.’
  • He posts music accounts and unique video blogs about existence and various topics on these three channels.
  • Josiah has also contributed as an essayist and published two books, Draw with Jazza Making Characters and Softcover.