Jeff Headlee

Jeff Headlee Facts

Name Jeff Headlee
Birthdate 21st, December 1957
Birthplace Vienna, West Virginia, USA
Resident Waterford, Ohio, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Parents Mildred Headlee
Siblings Not known
Career Television personality, AIMS Researcher & Founder
Net worth Around $700,000
Wife Tammy Diane Headlee
Children Cody Brian Headlee, Alex Headlee
Social media Jeff Headlee

Jeff Headlee knows everything there is to know about the mountains. He is not only knowledgeable about the mountain topography, but also about mountain folklore and textbook history. Jeff met John and Willy during his early years as a founding member of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings, and the three embarked on a unique search for the paranormal. He has been a regular cast member of the reality TV show Mountain Monsters since the first season. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at Jeff Headlee’s wiki-bio.

Jeff Headlee, Who is he?

He lived a typical life for a long time. Jeff, who was born and reared in Virginia, had it all going for him and was cruising through life. When Jeff’s dog was attacked by an unknown animal, everything changed for him. Following the accident, He looked for animal records in order to identify the animal that had struck him. But, much to Jeff’s disappointment, the search yielded no results. Since then, Jeff has turned his attention to mythological creatures, abandoning his routine hunt. He visited with Trapper during this time, and Willy and the trio discussed their experiences. Despite the fact that each of them had a different aim in mind, their objectives were similar. The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings was formed over time, and the trio began their search for the unexplained.

Researcher of the Group

One of the AIMS group’s distinguishing characteristics is that their duties are well-defined. Each team member has a speciality and performs related tasks. John, one of the original three, was a skilled trapper who also served as the team’s commander. Willy, on the other hand, worked as a trapper as well, although he was known for putting a unique spin on his traps and also unlike the other two, had no prior hunting experience and served as the team’s resident researcher and technological expert. Jeff is in charge of the thermal camera during the team’s evening hunts. He is always on the lookout for witnesses for the team’s investigations. Despite the fact that Jeff gets less screen time than his coworkers, he works relentlessly behind the scenes to evaluate the data.

Along the journey, there’s some trouble

Jeff struggled during the first several seasons of the show because he had no prior expertise. He simply had a lot of sightings. This made it difficult for the committee to evaluate the data available. Because most hunts take place at night, Jeff was unable to make sense of what he was witnessing. But, as time went on, he became more comfortable with the technology and learned from his blunders. Like the original three, Jeff brings in a large chunk of money from Mountain Monsters. His net worth is presumed to be around USD 700,000.

Relationship Status

He is a married man and has been so for 30 years. Jeff tied the wedding with Tammy Diane Snyder on July 21, 1990. His wife Tammy is also a West Virginia native, the couple moved to Waterford, Ohio, some years after marriage and remain there today. In the period of togetherness, they have given birth to two children, two boys Cody and Alex Headlee.


He was born in December 1957. Born and reared in Vienna, West Virginia Jeff began his schooling in his hometown. He attended Parkersburg High School and afterwards enrolled at  West Virginia University at Parkersburg. Jeff is American and belongs to Caucasian ethnicity.

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