Jeff Lumby

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1955
Full Name Jeff Lumby
Birth Name Jefferson Lumby
Profession Actor
Nationality Canadian
Birth Country Canada
Marital Status Single
Height 160 cm
Net worth 5000000
Twitter Link Twitter Link

Famous Canadian actor and producer Jeff Lumby created the children’s television program Size Small in the 1980s. Following the release of “Winston Rothschild III,” he gained notoriety.

Jeff Lumby was born in 1955, however the precise date and location of his birth are still unknown. He was born in Canada. Jefferson Lumby is his other name. He belongs to the Lumby family as well.

Age & Birth Information

Lumby is of white ethnicity and was born and reared in Canada. He was brought up under the guidance of his parents, yet they remain a mystery.

He has always been a charming man who behaves appropriately and was also drawn to acting at a young age because he saw a variety of movies and TV series while growing up.

His birth date is unclear, and no one knows what sign he was born under.

Net worth & Source of Income

Jeff Lumby, who has a total net worth of $5 million, is one of the wealthy actors in America, as is well known.

He has access to this amount because of his work as an actor. Additionally, all of his earnings from acting and voice-over work as well as other assets make up his riches.

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TV shows and movies

actor of little size With his voice-over performances, Lumby has made numerous appearances in films. His famous roles include raccoon in Peep and the Big Wide World, narrator in George of the Jungle, lepidine in Time Wrap Trio, and Terry in Fugget About It.

Additionally, he appeared in a number of TV shows, including Victor, The Red Green Show, The Animal Shelf, Sailor Moon, The Little Flying Bears, and Ned’s Newt, as an actor. In addition to performing, he also directed the TV show Small Size, in which he also played a variety of characters and puppeteered.

In case you are unaware, Lumby is also a writer and producer who has produced and written thirteen episodes of the TV series Red Green Show.

The Lumby Red Green Show

In the Red Green Show, a handyman is featured.

The majority of the episodes of the Canadian television series were broadcast on CBC.

In the show, Lumby portrayed Winston Rothschild, a Turkish man with blocked and discolored septic lines. It is a comedic television show.

Rich Green and Steve Smith from Canada are the authors of the film. The series spans fifteen seasons and 305 episodes. S & S production handled the film’s distribution.

Additionally, The Red Green Show had a rating of 8.1 out of 10, which is a respectable score for a TV series.

Relationship Status

Without a question, Jeff Lumby is a secretive person who hasn’t given the media much information about his private life. He is single, and no information about his romantic life has made headlines in the media.

There are no indications of his previous partnerships or affairs, though. Lumy does not appear to wish to combine his personal and business lives.

Parents & Family

Lumby was born to his mother Helen Lumby, while his father’s identity has not yet been made public. He hasn’t shared a lot of information about his parents, as was already established. Additionally, their occupation is still a mystery.

Jeff Lumby with his uncle(Source: Gerontology wiki)

In contrast, he posted a photo of his uncle Tom Lumby on social media. Additionally, there are no other images of his family members in any media.

Have You Heard?

The Winston Rothschild actor Lumby is fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with his family, as noted on his IMDb biography. He has previously collaborated with Miss Helen, who was played by his mother Helen Lumby.

Additionally, his brother John Lumby Jr. played Oliver Sudden on the short-lived children’s program Size Small, as did his sister Lisa Lumby-Richards in the role of Grandma Gussie.

Height & Weight

Like Marguerite Macintyre, Jeff Lumby is a gorgeous man with a respectable height of 5 feet 8 inches (168 cm). On the other hand, it’s still unclear what he weighs.

He has blonde hair that is the perfect color for his personality, brown eyes, and a sharp nose. Despite the fact that he has aged considerably, he still appears young and healthy.

Professional Life

On the UK-created cartoon network Teletoon, Lumby debuted as Skatoony. Over the years, he animated Professor Tomoe’s voice in the film Mad Scientist.

He eventually earned the chance to host radio in Hamilton, Ontario, after several setbacks. He spent eight years there working as a radio broadcaster.

On a Toronto country radio station, Lumby began co-hosting a morning show. His diligence and hard work allowed him to take the top spot among morning radio hosts in 2007.

He began making appearances in TV programs and then, gradually, in movies after his career as a show host. His debut film, The Red Green Show, was one he himself produced.

IMDb Profile

Lumby, the voice actor for The Little Flying Bears, has 32 acting credits listed on his own IMDb page. He also has one credit as a writer and one credit as a director in addition to his acting credits.

Additionally, his page contains a brief biography, trivia, and other personal information. He receives the remaining credits as a writer, producer, and Self.

on social media

Jeff Lumby, a member of the Time Warp Trio, is not a social media enthusiast. He doesn’t use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Actor Lumby of Kingdom Force appears to not want to blend his personal and professional lives, which may account for his lack of media appearances.

Lumby does, however, have a Twitter ID, although she hasn’t tweeted anything. His Twitter handle is @JeffLumby. Additionally, the account has not yet been validated, and it is still unknown if it is his personal account or if the fan base is the only one using it.