Jenn Potthast

Elizabeth Castrave  who stars on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, has a famous sister named Jenn Potthast, and Jenn is not overjoyed that Elizabeth chose Andrei as her spouse. Even though they tried to make up, Andrei and Jenn never saw eye to eye, and their relationship didn’t work out well in the end.

Jenn Potthast’s fans have long yearned for more details about her life, but she has always kept the majority of her private information locked away and out of reach. But we’ve compiled the ones we know of and can locate. To find out more about her, scroll down.

Age, Birthday, and Zodiac of Jenn Potthast

Elizabeth Castravet, the sister of Jenn Potthast, is only a few years older. While her sister had just turned 30 at the time this wiki entry was written, Jenn left out information on her own birthday.

Jenn Potthast was born on March 29, 1984, therefore she isn’t much older than mid-30s, yet some entertainment news outlets listed her age as 36. Her zodiac sign is Aries, if that genuinely corresponds with her birthday.

Mom, Dad, and Siblings in the Jenn Potthast Wiki

Her parents, Pamela Putnam and Chuck Potthast, gave birth to Jenn Potthast. Pamela’s father Chuck worked as the CFO at Indiana University in Pennsylvania, but no other information about her has come to light.

Chuck had been divorced from his wife for a very long period, as his social media accounts indicated. Pamela Putnam and Walter Putnam have been wed since 2020.

Moving on, Jenn Potthast was one of five children she had growing up, including two sisters and three brothers. Rebeckah Potthast and her younger brother Charlied were among them to appear on 90 Day Fiance, which also featured Elizabeth Castravet as the show’s star.

Measurements, height, and weight

When it comes to her physical looks, Jenn is without a doubt stunning, and she frequently gives her mother credit for everything she possesses. She does indeed have a beautiful mother, so she is not mistaken.

Additionally, Jenn Potthast is just an inch lower in height than her sister Elizabeth at 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters). She weighed 61 kg at the time (134 lbs).

Her lovely measures of 36-26-37 inches enhanced her beauty even more. While some 90 Day Fiance viewers saw that Jenn and Elizabeth were voted as having the best looks, Jenn won the contest.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter’s reach on social media

Due to Elizabeth’s appearance in the reality series, Jenn’s family has gained considerable attention. And a few Potthast family members have enjoyed a little measure of celebrity as a result.

And at the top of the list is Jennifer Potthast, whose Instagram account has 38.2k followers. On Facebook, she uses the name Jaylyn Davis in a similar manner. She uses the network frequently, and the majority of her posts feature her two adorable daughters.

Jenn Potthast Career, Job, and Net Worth

By 2020, very little was known about Jenn Potthast’s professional life. She remained silent about the work she did to support herself and support her family. A significant portion of her life outside of her stint on the reality show is also hazy.

Jenn, though, unquestionably enjoys exploring new places and having fun. But most significantly, she became a mother and is incredibly proud of her children. Her parenting abilities are also very admirable, especially in light of how her girls are developing.

As of 90 Day Fiance, Jenn and other family members do not particularly like Andrei, Elizabeth’s spouse. Andrei went so far as to say that Jenn was to blame for the conflict between him and Chuck, Jenn’s father.

Jenn accused Andrei of being combative, having a cold heart, and not caring about other family members during 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell All. In reaction to Jenn’s remark, Andrei said she was the only one to blame if she ever perceived him as forceful.

And it appears that Jenn Potthast’s family has many issues to discuss and numerous quarrels to settle.

The predicted total net worth of Jenn Potthast as of 2020 is $400,000.

Jenn Potthast spouse, boyfriend, and kids

Jenn Potthast married Orlando Davis, as her Facebook profile indicated. Before deciding to be divorced after their marriage broke down, the pair was in a relationship.

However, the pair continued to be close to one another as support even after the divorce. Jenn has nothing but positive things to say about her ex-husband and they have established a common ground for co-parenting.

As of the fall of 2020, Jenn & Orlando did, however, have two lovely daughters: Kaelyn Xia Davis, who is 13 years old, and Brielle Sarai Davis, who is 10 years old. Brielle is in her pre-teen years, whilst Kaelyn started her years as a teenager.

Jenn is a proud mother since her girls have done so much in such a little time.

She has a fantastic ballet dancer as her oldest child.

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