Jerry Lanning Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Actor

Does American actor Jerry Lanning have a Wikipedia bio? He has been in the entertainment industry for around 70 years since 1951.

Jerry is a professional actor. Born in Miami, Florida, some of his notable films and shows are  Damn Yankees! (1967), The Red Skelton Hour (1951), and Search for Tomorrow (1951).

Lanning worked in Broadway for more than 3 decades. With works in more than 8 productions, Mame and 1776 are the most notable.

Is Lanning On Twitter And Instagram?

Lanning is not present on Twitter and Instagram.

As Jerry is a 71-year-old from generation X, he is not well versed in social media.

Consequently, due to his old age and social media being a relatively new concept, he is not on any social media platform.

Jerry Lanning Net Worth Revealed

As of June of 2021, Jerry Lanning’s net worth is estimated to be $700,000.

Making the majority of his fortune from acting, he is best known for films and TV shows like Guiding Light and Search for Tomorrow.

Jerry Lanning Family: Wife And Children

Jerry Lanning’s wife was Sherry Mathis.

Jerry choked Sherry until she turned blue on the set of Search For Tomorrow. They married a week after the incident.

The two are divorced, and information about their children is currently unknown.

Regarding Jerry’s family, his parents are Roberta Sherwood and Don Lanning.

Jerry’s mother, Roberta, passed away on July 5, 1999, at 86.

Jerry had two siblings, namely, Don and Robert.

Robert is a session drummer best known for playing drums for Elvis Presley.

Jerry Lanning Wikipedia Biography

Jerry Lanning is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

Several other sites have information on him, but the details are sparse.

On the contrary, his mother, Roberta Sherwood, is on Wikipedia.

Roberta was born on July 1 of 1913, in Louis, Missouri.

She was a famous American singer who rose to prominence when she was 43.