Jodye Faneto’s Bar for Bar Lyrics

Wanna go bar for bar? They now I’m doing that
Step on the mic we don’t mumble rap
Hop on a beat Neevo know I’mma murder that
Flip me a pack Lutta know I get rid of that
That 9 to 5 man you know I ain’t feeling that
Stay in the bando a young nigga habitat

Pig wanna know my connect I ain’t answer that
Jodye don’t talk to police I ain’t Ratatat
I take over your block nigga fuck where you selling at
What you gon do man a man you can’t handle that

Wouldn’t do road if it wasn’t for Awlisum
Brodie said don’t keep a pack where you sleeping at
Toss me a pack if it’s wack I ain’t coming back
And if you pussy you know I’mma run with that
If it’s a problem we might get you handicapped
We in the street little bro had to reroute
Internet boys man you lil niggaz actors
I know you ain’t with the shit that you rap bout

You niggaz coochie you might need a transplant
Catch you sneak dissing you won’t like the clapback
Not in the field you a studio trapper
Warming the bench like you Julian Draxler

Kuja na pressure might counterattack ya
Holding it down for the gang I’m an anchor
Game in a chokehold I aim for your jugular
Man a man know I be coming like Dracula
Little bit different they know I ain’t regular

Jodye Finesse I ain’t taking no prisoner
Hey did I say I ain’t selling that regular
Looking for work you can pree on my cellular
Look in the mirror I see my competitor
Can not convince me that dem man is Similar