John Dagleish

Quick Facts

Birth Date February,1991
Full Name John Dagleish
Birth Name John
Profession Actor, singer
Nationality British

John Dagleish is a famous British actor who has risen his popularity in the movies like Age of Heroes, The Last Dragonslayer, Snow in Paradise, All Is True, The Third Day: Autumn, and many others. He has starred as the reel character Alf Arless in the British drama series Lark Rise to Candleford.

Lark Rise to Candleford is a British television costume drama series, adapted by the BBC from Flora Thompson’s trilogy of semi-autobiographical novels about the English countryside, published between 1939 and 1943. It was first released on the 13 January 2008 on BBC One and BBC HD in the United Kingdom.

Wiki and Age

Early years The Age of Heroes actor was born in England’s Kelvedon Village in February 1981. It is a settlement and civil parish located between Chelmsford and Colchester in the Braintree District of Essex, England.

He was born, raised, and fully matured in England, where he decided to pursue a career. He developed an early interest in singing and acting and first began his career as a singer before switching to acting.

The Family of John

Despite having a loving family, Dagleish’s early years were not particularly easy because he was born in the English village of Kelvedon. To realize his dream of becoming a singer and actor, he had to endure a lot of hardship and hard labor.

John Dagleish is grinning. Source of image: Deadline

He has not, however, posted any details about his parents or siblings on social media. When it comes to his family and close friends, he tries to keep things low key.

What is John Relationships Status?

Aimie Allen Atkinson, also known as Aimie Atkinson, and John Dagleish are now dating. As a couple, they are content to be in each other’s presence. They have not disclosed to the media their intention to wed.

The starting date of their relationship has not been disclosed by the pair. The actress Genesis Lynea, who portrayed Anna of Cleves in the 2017 Arts Theatre production, and Aimie previously dated.

Who is John Girlfriend?

The songs only for tonight, without you, and other hits have helped the actress Aimie gain popularity. You will continue to love me and many others in his eyes sooner or later.

John Dagleish and Aimie Atkinson were photographed smiling while they were hugging each other. Merry Farmer is the author of the picture.

Additionally, she has acted in numerous films, including Fedz Lpttie, Niki Martin, Katherine Howard, Six: The Fully Animated Musical Katherine Howard, and many more.

In a Sunny Afternoon, Dagleish

In “Sunny Afternoon,” Aimie Atkinson’s boyfriend played the role of Ray Davies, a well-known film figure. Ray Davies, the band’s primary songwriter, wrote the song for the Kinks.

It tells the tale of The Kinks’ ascent from living in a run-down neighborhood to achieving the fame, money, and glory of a rock star. It’s a musical unlike any other, giving audiences an inside look at one of Britain’s finest bands as they experience the exhilarating highs and excruciating lows of pop triumph.

Additionally, he has been in a number of well-known programs, including Any Human Heart, Beaver Falls, Starlings, Truckers, Tough Young Teachers, Siblings, The Moorside, and many more.

Dagleish In Starlings

Dagleish The comedy-drama series Starlings features actor Dogleish as the fictional character Gravy in Lark Rise to Candleford. Steve Edge and Matt King, who also portray Fergie and Uncle Loz in the British comedy-drama Starlings, wrote the script.

White shirt, black coat, and a happy-looking John Dagleish. Image from Celpox

The focus of the drama is on the people who follow the life of a typical Derbyshire working-class family. The series, which was created by aby Cow Productions Ltd., had two seasons released. Located in Manchester and London, it is a British comedy television production firm.

Popular Music

In addition to acting, the British actor Dagleish is a well-known singer. He has performed many well-known songs to date because singing has always come before acting in his life.

Set Me Free, Waterloo Sunset, You Really Got Me, A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy, Stop Your Sobbing, sitting at my hotel, and many other songs are among his well-known compositions.

How much is John Net Worth?

$2 million is John Dagleish’s total net worth. Because of his great careers as an actor and musician, he has access to a lot. He doesn’t operate a business of his own or do anything else that might make him money in addition to his job.

Likewise, Aimie Atkinson, his girlfriend, has a $1 million total net worth. She has access to all of this because to her prominent careers as a British actress and singer. She does not operate a business of her own or undertake any other activities that would allow her to earn money aside from her work.

Recognition and Nomination

The Laurence Olivier Awards for Best Actor in 2014 were given to Snow in Paradise actor Dagleish by the Society of London Theatre in honor of his contributions to the city’s commercial theater.

Additionally, he received an emerging talent nomination from the “London Evening Standard.” He made an appearance on the original London cast record as a member of the original cast.

What is John height and weight?

John Dagleish has a really endearing and seductive demeanor. He is a nice height as well. He stands 193 cm tall and weighs about 75 kg.

And he looks even more attractive because of his short black hair and black eyes. And he has put a lot of effort into keeping his body in good shape because he works in the glamour industry. He appears to be in good shape even in his late 40s.

What is John education Level?

Since his hometown is a village, the actor from The Third Day: Autumn has not disclosed any information about his high school or if he had the opportunity to study or not.

Later on though, he attended the Colchester Institute to study. It is a significant supplier of higher education with a base in the English town of Colchester. For a wide range of students, including 16 to 19-year-olds, apprentices, adults, businesses, and employers, the institute offers full-time and part-time courses.

Is John active on Instagram and Twitter?

Like other celebrities, John Dagleish is very active on social media. Compared to other social media platforms, he is significantly more active on Twitter and Instagram. On social media, he has a sizable fan base.

On her official Instagram account @johndagleish, he has 90.8k followers. And on his official Instagram account, he shares pictures of his family, himself, and various activities including eating, traveling, and enjoying himself.

He utilizes Twitter as well, and his official Twitter account, @Johndagleish, has more than 6,000 followers. On his official Twitter account, he tweets pictures and movie and song posters.

Dagleish: An Aesthetic Individual

According to the singer Dagleish’s Instagram post, he enjoys taking artistic photos of flowers, grasses, animals, foods, locations, sunsets, and hills where the sun rises and sets. His personality is artistic.

In his free time, he also enjoys being around water, plants, the sea, gazing at the sky, and planting trees and flowers. According to his Instagram posts, he appears to spend more time outdoors.

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