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Ever hear of Madeline Kahn, the most attractive and gifted actress to be born in the Hollywood era? If so, then the topic at hand today is John Hansbury, the adored husband of the late Madeline Kahn. He served as a lawyer in NYC before becoming the current OCRA Board of Directors chairman.

Due to his sincere love and bond with her late wife, Madeline Kahn, John was thrust into the public spotlight. She was well-known in Hollywood as an actress, comedian, and singer. Kahn contributed to a number of works, including What’s Up, Doc? High Anxiety, Paper Moon, and many others. Learn more about John Hansbury’s professional and personal lives in this section. He was Kahn’s ideal employer.

When was John Hansbury born?

John Hansbury, who is presently in his 80s, was born in the 1940s. In Rockport, United States of America, he handed to the family of the late Stephen J. Hansbury and Susan P. Hansbury. Under the watchful gaze of his loving parents, he had a very comfortable upbringing and relished it. went to Oberlin as well to pursue a higher education. After graduating from Oberlin High School, John attended the Antioch School of Law in Washington, DC, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in law.

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How did John Hansbury start her career?

After receiving his degree, John Hansbury began working as an attorney intern in NYC. As a result, after a few months of training, he eventually receives his NYC attorney license. Unfortunately, little information about his previous professional life and career is readily available. John is now the OCRA Board of Directors’ Chair, nevertheless. After the passing of her cherished wife, Madeline Kahn, he became involved in this field of work. She had ovarian cancer and endured a great deal of suffering for the rest of her life.

John Hansbury, Chair Of OCRA
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John decided to create a foundation in her honor to help other women with ovarian cancer by providing them with the necessary care and raising awareness of the need to end this illness forever.

What’s going on in John Hansbury’s personal life?

John Hansbury is a straightforward, attractive, and kind man who fell in love with Madeline Kahn, a well-known actress in Hollywood. The two had been dating for many years since Madeline was at the height of her profession at the time and found it difficult to find time for John. However, despite the numerous difficulties and difficult times, both remained devoted and dependable. After decades of continuing their love affair, John finally understood how challenging it was to be Madeline both personally and professionally.

Died in two months after getting married

John and Madeline, as was previously indicated, seemed destined for one another. Without any form of self-interest or gain, they once shared a genuine love and compassion. Even though they were all committed to one another, Madeline needed to be convinced multiple times before she finally agreed to get married. Madeline was receiving various therapies for ovarian cancer, which she discovered in 1998. Nevertheless, Madeline managed to pull through at her wedding on October 10, 1999, despite being sick at the time.

John Hansbury and Madeline Kahn
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She did, unfortunately, have to spend several decades with her recentlywed husband. Thus, Madeline Hansbury, John Hansbury’s wife, succumbed to cancer on December 3, 1999, barely two months after the couple’s union. Madeline passed away as John was holding her. When she passed away, she was just 57 years old.

How was John Hansbury’s life after the death of Madeline?

After John Hansbury’s loving wife’s untimely death, he made even more effort to move on. He subsequently made contact with OCRA and began aiding the poor in their fight against ovarian cancer. John acknowledges that it was a big pleasure for him to be married to such a nice and pure soul. John wed Carisa Jackson, another lady, in January 2016. The wedding ceremony was performed in a straightforward manner but included limitless food and drink. He is presently enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in New York, USA, with her current wife.

On the other hand, Mabel Hansbury is another kid that John Hansbury shares with Carisa.

What is the net worth of John Hansbury?

John Hansbury, Kahn’s adored ex-husband, is thought to be worth approximately $1 million as of 2022. He is also Chairman of Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA), the largest and oldest ovarian cancer charity in the world, and a lawyer in New York City.


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