John Kelly Cause Of Death: What Happened To The TikTok personality?

TikTok star John Kelly took his last breath yesterday. What is John’s cause of death? Tune in to find out.

John Kelly was an American TikTok personality. He was mostly known as John from the Tex and John videos. He rose to prominence when he started posting videos of him and his son on TikTok. The videos mostly consisted of father-son tension, and they used to be hilarious. You can tune in to their TikTok account to see the videos.

Professionally, John co-owned Humboldt Construction. His happy-go-lucky personality perfectly matched his profession.

The father-son duo is loved by people of all generations. In fact, they have garnered 2.5 Million followers and 47.9 Million likes on their account. All of their videos are a hit; every single video amasses over 100k viewers.

Sadly, John left this world yesterday. All of his fans are saddened by John’s untimely death. His death has taken a toll on his well-wishers.

Obituary: What Happened To John Kelly?

John Kelly, mostly known as ‘Papa Grizzly Bear,’ took his last breath on August 7, 2021. His son, Tex, posted a video on TikTok to announce his death.

Despite leaving the world in an untimely manner, John will forever remain in our hearts. His videos will be dearly missed.

Furthermore, the Official obituary about his death has not been written.

TikTok Star John Kelly Cause Of Death

Unfortunately, John’s cause of death has not been revealed.

Tex has organized a Fundraiser, ‘ Paying Tribute to John Kelly’ for his father. You can also donate to the family by following this link.

The GoFund Me’s goal is to earn $15,000, and out of the total target, $12,819 has already been raised.

Moreover, 352 people have donated for his family, and the fundraiser has more than 500 shares.

Spotlight On John Kelly Wife And Family

Talking about John’s wife, he was happily married. She has also made a lot of appearances on their TikTok channel.

Moreover, John was a family man and always protected his wife. Whenever Tex tried to make fun of his wife, John used to come for her support.

The Kelly family lived in Eureka, California. John’s death was unexpected to all of the family members and friends who are still mourning his death.

We are sending strength and prayers to the Kelly Family. You can also support the family by donating and helping them for John’s funeral.