Jolanda Renga

Jolanda Renga is a celebrity child who has attracted attention due to the fact that she is the Francesco Renga, a well-known Italian singer-songwriter. Through songs like Senza Vento, Dove il mundo nonc’è più, and L’odore del caffè, her father Francesco has become more well-known.

In a similar vein, Ambra Angiolini, her mother, is a well-known Italian actress who is most known for playing Madre di Dony in the film Il fulgore di Dony.

Age & Birth Information

Jolanda was reared by her parents and one sibling brother at her birthplace after being born on January 2, 2004.

Childhood picture of Jolanda Renga(Source: Instagram)

Given that she comes from a prominent family and that both of her parents, Francesco Renga and Ambra Angiolini, are well-known celebrities, she definitely didn’t need to worry.

Where does Jolanda go to school?

Jolanda has not yet made public the specifics of her education. She appears to be working for a degree in the field of her choice.

She must have attended a renowned high school and college, though, given the standing and money of her parents. However, if anything changes soon about her educational background, we’ll keep you informed periodically.

Family & Parents

Jolanda is the child of Ambra Angiolini and Francesco Renga, as was previously mentioned. Her father is a well-known Italian singer-songwriter, while her mother is an actress. She is fortunate to have a small brother named Leonardo Renga, with whom she spent her formative years.

Jolanda Renga with her brother(Source: Instagram)

Her maternal grandparents’ names are likewise known to us; Doriana and Alfredo Angiolini are her maternal grandparents.

Parents’ Relationship with Renga

Her parents, Ambra Angiolini and Francesco Renga, gave birth to Jolanda Renga.

Details about how her parents initially met are still a mystery, despite the fact that they began dating around 2003.

The pair, who were not married, had two children: Jolanda Renga, who was born in 2004, and Leonardo Renga, who was born in 2006.


They were a nice family, but because of various issues in their bond, they became estranged from one another. The official couple claims there were a number of factors leading to their breakup, but the precise cause is still a mystery.

Regarding Renga Mother

Italian actress, host, and singer Ambra Angiolini was born in Rome on April 22, 1977. She received two nominations for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Saturn in Opposition, for which she is highly known among the general audience.

Joganda Renga with her Mother(Source: Instagram)

She began dating a football manager named Massimiliano Allegri after divorcing Francesco Renga. Sadly, the couple split up after dating each other for four years, which began in the year 2017.

Parental Wealth of Renga

Jordana has only recently turned 18, thus her net worth is still a mystery. The wealth of her parents is something we do know, though.

Through his lucrative career as a musician and songwriter, her father Francesco Renga has amassed a sizable sum of money. Francesco has a $1.5 million total net worth.

Moving on, Ambra Angiolini has earned a sizable fortune as a result of her lucrative profession as an actor. She is worth $1.3 million in total.

Regarding Renga Father

The well-known Italian singer-songwriter Francesco Renga, also known by his stage name Pierfrancesco Renga, has delighted countless listeners with his music. He was born in Udine, Italy, on June 12th, 1968.

After losing his high school band Timoria, he began his solo singing career. He won the Sanremo Music Festival in 2005 with the song Angelo. He sang “Stai con me,” a song he devoted to his longtime ex-girlfriend Ambra Angiolini, in the year 2010.

Height & weight

One of the well-known celebrity kids, Jolanda Renga, has a respectable height and weight, however the precise measurements are still unknown.

Her brown hair and black eyes have enhanced her beautiful looks. Her physique measurements, however, remain a closely-guarded secret. If she provides any information regarding her body measurement, we’ll keep you informed.

Is Jolanda Renga in a relationship?

We are all aware of Jolanda’s famous status and media presence, but she chooses to keep a low profile when it comes to her personal life.

Additionally, she has not yet disclosed her previous relationship in any media. Additionally, there are no reports of her extramarital encounters that have made headlines in the media.

There is no assurance that Jolanda is single, though. She might be single and concentrating on her education at the moment, or she might be disguising her relationship status from the public.

both hands are tattooed

Jolanda enjoys getting inked, and she has ink on both of her hands. She got her tattoos on January 27, 2022, at the @gypsy tattoo studio, and shared a photo and a video of the experience on her Instagram account.

Source: Instagram

A small fish endures forever.

She also has a tattoo of a fish, and the two of them are connected and have significant meanings.

On Social Media

Jolanda Renga is highly recognized as a social media personality in addition to being a famous child. She has Instagram accounts and also appears to be idle on Twitter and Facebook, though.

Jolanda is active on Instagram and has more than 105k followers, whilst he has a follower count of just under 2.3k.  @jolandarenga. is her username on social media. She mainly posts pictures of her travels to various locations.

Speaking about her parents’ social media, Ambra and Francesco are both very active users of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ambra and Francesco both use the usernames @ambraofficial and @francescorenga, respectively, on Instagram. Additionally, each of them have sizable fan bases on their own accounts. Additionally, they can be found on Twitter under the handles @RengaOfficial and @SonoAmbra.

had recently turned 18

Recently, the daughter of Francesco Renga crossed the age of puberty. Her mother and father also congratulated her on this occasion via their social media accounts. Jolanda’s childhood photo was posted by Francesco with the caption:

The time is now; here we are. Jolan Darenga, my princess and dearest love, turns 18 today! You spent 18 years growing into the stunning lady you are now. After all, you were predestined to be right. Best wishes, love, that life will always hold wonderful surprises for you, ensuring that you never get bored! ❤️🎂😘🎁🎈 Phone: @pierpapo ferreri

While Ambra Angiolini, Jolanda’s mother, captioned a video,

If that’s the case, how could you ever have agreed to a long-term deal with me when you were always 18? Your signature on my still-blank page, your first audible “scream,” and your father informing me, “I love is irate exactly like you!”
I appreciate you believing me; it wasn’t simple.

Childhood Picture of Jolanda with her father(Source: Instagram)

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animal lover

The famous child Jolanda has an obsession with animals, particularly dogs. She enjoys spending time with her dogs and taking pictures of them.

Source: Instagram

In addition, Jolanda refers to her Toy Poodle dog, Bugo, by this name.

IMDb Profile

Jolanda does not have an IMDb profile because she has not yet worked in the film industry, but both of her parents do.

Francesco, the father of Jolanda, has eight self credits in addition to one acting credit, one writing credit, and one producer credit on his IMDb website. Her brief biography, pictures, and some other private information are also included in his page.

Ambra Angiolini, the mother of Jolanda, has 45 acting credits listed on her IMDb profile. Her profile also includes a brief biography, pictures, a filmography, videos, and some personal information.

Loves to Swim

Jolanda, Francesco’s daughter, enjoys swimming and frequently posts pictures of herself swimming on her Instagram account.

It appears that she genuinely enjoys swimming and counts it among her favorite forms of entertainment.

Career Summary

Jordan is currently enjoying adulthood and putting her attention on her schooling. She has not yet decided on a certain professional route. Soon, we will provide you with an update on her working life.

Speaking of Francesco’s career in music, the band Timoria from his high school was where he began his fruitful musical adventure. He disagreed with his bandmates, which led to him leaving the group. He debuted his self-titled album in 2000, marking the beginning of his official solo musical career.

Ambra Angiolini, Jordan’s mother, began her on-screen career by playing Teresa in the 1996 production of Favola. Following that, she made an appearance in Mary Magdalene where she played Salomè. She then made several subsequent appearances in movies and TV shows, such as Eroi per caso, It May Be Love, But It Doesn’t Show, and Stay Away from Me.