Jordan Kimball

Jordan Kimball is a model who rose to prominence after appearing in Season 14 of the most popular unscripted television show, The Single Girl. From May 28th, 2018, he competed on ABC’s The Network, where he tried to win the heart of Becca Kufrin, the single woman star. He amassed around 292k supporters on his Instagram account as a result of his rising fame from the show.

Who are the Parents of Jordan Kimball?

Jordan was born on January 8, 1992, in the United States of America. He is of white nationality and has an American identity. Capricorn is his first sign in the zodiac. He earned a business subject matter expert degree from the Focal School of Florida. Dina Kimball, his mother, raised him.

Jordan grew up in the Gem Stream neighborhood of Florida. Apart from his mother, Dina Kimball, little is known about his family foundation.

Who is Jordan Kimball Net Worth?

With all of this, Jordan still had a long way to go before becoming a successful model. His total net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He claims to have a $45,000 BMW 3 arrangement.

Who is Jordan Kimball Girlfriend?

Jordan’s personal life is shrouded in mystery, and he doesn’t reveal much about his possible love life. He isn’t posting pictures of himself with someone; instead, he is focused on advancing his career. He frequently tweets about his photoshoots and the magazine covers on which he appears. Nonetheless, being a celebrity means you can’t hide anything from the press, and Jordan is dating Jeena Copper, one of the show’s challenges.

Until a report from Reality, the information on Jordan and Jeena stood out as truly newsworthy. Steve altered every aspect of the story. His findings reveal that Jeena is only pretending to be together, and the entire committee is a ruse, as she is only using him to gain an advantage in the business. The message was sent by someone who claimed to be Jeena’s boyfriend.

All things considered, the situation has become far too perplexing for the observers to even consider understanding. We can only assume that the couple is experiencing some difficult memories and requires some time to process them.

Jordan Kimball’s Height, and Weight

Jordan is a tall man, standing 6 feet tall. He has a unique physique with a powerful body that is enough to captivate his admirers.

Jordan Kimball’s Career Line

  • Jordan had always had a passion for performing, and his career took off when he signed a contract with Wilhelmina, a performing arts organization based in Miami.
  • With that, he also highlighted on John Craig’s Fall/Winter 2017 cover magazines. Jordan also worked for ad agencies such as Rich Plans and Events, Quay Shades, and others.
  • Jordan’s eyes widened when he heard that he would be taking part in the fourteenth season of The Lone Ranger.
  • On that show, he competed with Becca Kufrin for her adoration.