Jordan Sweeto

Facts of Jordan Sweeto
Full Name: Jordan Sweeto
Age: 28
Birthday: August 13
Nationality: Canadian
Horoscope: Leo
Girlfriend: Wolfychu
Net Worth: $300,000 USD
Profession: Artist
Sibling: 2
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A

Jordan Sweeto is a versatile Canadian-Australian artist who has worked as a musician, animator, gamer, actor, and singer-songwriter. Jordan Sweeto is well-known for its YouTube channel, which has more than 1.26 million subscribers. He was even a part of the channels My Digital Escape and Our World Away.

Parents of Jordan Sweeto

Jordan Sweeto is 28 years old. He was born on August 13, 1992, in Canada, under the astrological sign of Leo. He spent his childhood with his two younger sisters. However, he has not mentioned his parents’ names. He and his family traveled frequently from Alberta, Canada to Australia and vice versa for several years before settling in Australia. He currently resides in Canberra, Australia. He has two younger sisters. He is a dual nationality of Canada and Australia.

Moving on to his educational background, he may have completed his graduation looking at his age, but he may also have dropped out of college. As a result, no information about his educational background is available. In primary school, he developed an interest in comedy and acting, but this waned after he attended some child acting classes.

During his high school years, he became interested in music. During that time, he studied guitar and later composed his own music. Similarly, his musical influences and favorite bands include Metro Station, All Time Low, and Owl City. In addition, he finished second in his school’s Battle of the Bands. He even appeared on My Digital Escape alongside Kyle David Hall, BryanStars, Johnnie Guilbert, Alex Dorame, Jeydon Wale, and Shannon Taylor.

How much is Jordan Sweeto Net Worth?

In terms of Jordan Sweeto’s earnings, he is a well-known Canadian-Australian YouTube sensation who has amassed a sizable fortune. He has three YouTube channels, which are his primary source of income.

Looking through his main YouTube channel, he has published 512 videos, totaling more than 135 million views. He uploads one new video every month on average and has 95 new subscribers with 128k views per day. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be around $300,000 USD.

Girlfriend of Jordan Sweeto

Jordan Sweeto is in a relationship with Wolfychu, another YouTube star. His girlfriend is an animation YouTuber with millions of views. They had been friends for three years before they started dating. The couple shared their story on his girlfriend’s YouTube channel in a video titled “How I Met My Boyfriend.” Furthermore, he frequently shares their adorable picture on his social media platforms.

Sweeto, on the other hand, is a very good-hearted, down-to-earth, and charming guy. His fans even admire him for his beautiful long hair and friendly personality. Aside from that, he has thankfully not been involved in any controversial acts or scandals.

How tall is Jordan Sweeto?

Jordan Sweeto has long dark brown hair and green eyes. He has a slim body type and a tall personality. However, he has not stated his exact height, weight, or other measurements.

Career line of Jordan Sweeto

  • Jordan Sweeto is a Canadian-Australian YouTube personality known for his channel DanSweeto, which has over 2.26 million subscribers. He is a singer, video maker, animator, gamer, and actor who has contributed to the channels Our World Away and My Digital Escape. Sweeto also has two side channels for gaming and animation.
  • Sweeto, a singer and musician, has performed covers of popular artists’ songs and has even written his own music. He has worked in a band called “Dan Sweeto” and has competed in his high school’s Battle of the Bands.
  • Later, he decided to pursue his singing passion and formed a band with two musicians named Jamie and Brendan after looking for members on YouTube.
  • Three of them, along with some friends, traveled across the country under the alias “Dan Sweeto.” They began to gain a decent fan base, which fueled their motivation even more.
  • However, just as the band was about to release their first single (“Forever to Me”), more than half of the band left, leaving Dan Sweeto as a two-piece: Jordan and Brendan. But they didn’t leave their courage to work on passion, and they released the song.
  • They even began to plan a tour. They gathered some session musicians because having only two members felt like something was missing for their second tour. Ben, one of the artists, is still friends with him and frequently appears in YouTube videos and YouNow live shows with him.
  • As a result, Ben rejoined the band, and they were now a three-piece. They renamed themselves “Sweeto.” After a few months together, they were taken over by a record label. They even traveled, appeared in magazines, and recorded with professionals.
  • After a year, they felt as if life was pulling them apart, and the band disbanded. Sweeto then decided to launch his solo career and began participating in various social media platforms.
  • Then, on March 15, 2009, Sweeto launched his main channel. Initially, he covered songs such as ‘Love Drunk – Boys Like Girls Cover,’ ‘Vanilla Twilight – Owl City Cover,’ and ‘Fireflies – Owl City Cover.’
  • Later, he continued to upload animations, games, vlogs, and other videos to his self-titled channel. After gaining some recognition, he decided to open another channel in 2013. He named the channel ‘SweetoGAMES.’
  • He was created on November 8, 2013, and he has numerous gameplay videos. His videos range from Minecraft and Undertale gameplay to Happy Wheels and Super Mario 3D games. The channel is ideal for video game enthusiasts of all ages.
  • On August 27, 2014, the Canadian-Australian YouTuber launched his third channel, titled ‘SweetoTOONS.’ The following channel showcases his animated works and is truly a one-stop destination for animation fans.
  • He has shared numerous videos from the channel, including the ‘He Broke My Heart meme,’ ‘My Girlfriend is an Anime Girl,’ and ‘Losing My Mind meme.’ The channel portrays himself as a brilliant talent as well as an animator.
  • Furthermore, in terms of channel popularity, all of his channels are performing admirably in terms of views and subscribers. While his main channel has grown in popularity, with over 2.26 million subscribers and over 135 million views.
  • SweetoGAMES, his gaming channel, has over 125k subscribers as of August 2020. Furthermore, his animation channel SweetoTOONS has over 904k subscribers and over 48 million views to date.
  • Sweeto is currently enjoying social media’s moderate celebrity. Aside from YouTube, this personality is well-known on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where she has hundreds of thousands of followers.