Joseph Frontiera

Joseph Frontiera is a well-known artist, designer, and television personality from the reality show ” Counting Cars.” Both his appearance on the show and his lawsuit have made Joseph Frontiera famous.

How old is Joseph Frontiera?

Frontiera, Joseph, was born on July 1, 1988. He is a practicing Christian. Joseph is of White ethnicity and has American nationality. Furthermore, he is now 32 years old and bears the zodiac sign Cancer. There is no additional information about his early life, but prior to his discovery, it was assumed that he worked as a restoration specialist or mechanic.

How much does Joseph Frontiera earn?

The star of Counting Cars had amassed a sizable fortune through his television career. His current projects, however, have not been made public. He may have earned more than $500 thousand in the past. In addition, his current net worth is being investigated. Also, his net worth is thought to have plummeted to zero, possibly as a result of the lawsuit in which he was charged.

Is Joseph Frontiera dating someone?

Joseph appears to be very secretive, especially since his involvement in the lawsuit. He has not revealed any information about his personal or romantic life. He hasn’t said whether or not he’s married.

Frontiera is accused of stealing money from Count’s Kustom and using it for his own benefit. As a result, the company’s owner, Danny, sued Frontiera for stealing $75,000 from the company’s account. Following that, the lawsuit claimed that he used the money to pay for his Range Rover’s bills as well as personal airline tickets.

Furthermore, according to the lawsuit, he has failed to pay the company’s tax as well. Frontiera was charged with felony theft of more than $3,500 in August 2013 by the Las Vegas Justice Court. As a result, because he was living in Florida, he was only charged but not arrested.

How tall is Joseph Frontiera?

Frontiera’s body size, as well as dress and shoe sizes, are unknown because he has kept his personal life private. He does, however, have dark eyes and long brown hair. His skin tone is light.

Career line of Joseph Frontiera

  • After graduating from high school, Joseph went to work as a car mechanic. In 2006, he began working at Count’s Kustoms. He joined the cast of a ‘Counting Cars’ in July 2013. The show is about restoring old cars and making them look as good as new.
  • The show is also said to be a spin-off of another popular television show, “Pawn Stars,” in which Miss Olivia Black has appeared. Counting Cars, a History Channel reality show, is still going strong. On July 10, 2018, the first episode of Counting Cars season eight premiered. Danny Koker, Shannon Aikau, Ryan Evans, Rick Harrison, Mike Henry, and Roli Szabo were among those who appeared alongside Frontiera.
  • The show was shot at Danny Koker’s Court’s Kustoms. In Las Vegas, Nevada, it is a company that restores and customizes automobiles. He is currently leading a quiet existence, and no one knows where he is. Danny Koker owns and operates Count’s Kustoms, an automobile restoration and customization company.
  • Furthermore, because he is a staunch conservative, his current situation is not widely publicized. Nonetheless, he has become a well-known controversial figure due to his mischievous behavior in stealing money from the company.
  • Danny’s business was run by Joseph, who was in charge of the finances. However, in 2016, Danny Koker and the History Channel filed a lawsuit against Joseph Frontiera, alleging that he embezzled the company’s funds.
  • Randstad’s Attorney, on the other hand, has counter-sued Count’s Kustoms for lack of factual support. Randstad’s attorney also claims that Joseph Frontiera’s employment contract expressly forbade the shop from allowing Frontiera to handle financial transactions.