Joshua Pieters

Josh Pieters is a former cricketer who now works as a YouTuber. Josh Pieters co-owns YouTube channels with Archie Thomas Manners. Furthermore, Josh Pieters’ YouTube channel, “Josh Pieters & Archie Manners,” has 1.43 million subscribers. His other YouTube channel, “More Josh & Archie,” has 66.7k subscribers as of now. Josh Pieters has appeared in vlogs as himself as well as as his friends Casper, Joe, and Archie.

How old is Joshua Pieters?

Josh Pieters’ full name is Joshua Pieters. He was born on September 17, 1993. Pieters, 27, was born in Knysna, Western Cape. South Africa is his country. However, he is a South African by nationality and English by ethnicity. He was born in early September under the sign of Virgo. He is very private about his personal life. His mother’s name is Danielle Pieters, but he has not revealed his father’s name. In terms of his siblings, he shares his parents’ love with two of them.

He also has an older brother named Jonty and a sister named Danielle. Josh Pieters has attended high school, but he has not disclosed which institutions he attended. Pieters may have received the highest quality education available wherever he has gone. He also enjoys cricket.

How much is Joshua Pieters’s Net Worth?

Josh’s primary source of income is YouTube. He also has a large number of followers on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The social media platforms may pay him based on his posts, but this is not available separately. Joshua has amassed a sizable fortune as a result of his hard work. He is an example of limitless potential. However, his earnings and net worth are not disclosed. We can say that, in order to respect his privacy, none of the other online sources have any information about his money. Without a doubt, he lives a lavish lifestyle on his own.

Is Joshua Pieters dating someone?

Pieters is a straight man. Joshua is in a relationship with Eleanor Butler. The two look adorable together. Joshua’s committed relationship status may have saddened his female fans. Furthermore, there are no rumors of any controversies or scandals surrounding him. So far, he has maintained a positive public image.

How tall is Joshua Pieters?

Josh, a YouTuber, stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall. Similarly, his weight is recorded as 78 kg. He also has a slim build. His hair is light brown, and his eyes are blue-brown. His goofy personality, towering height, and lean physique are also distinguishing characteristics.

 Career line of Joshua Pieters

  • When Joshua was in his teens, he was already interested in sports. Cricket became his favorite sport over all others. He had begun playing cricket when he was in high school. His sole goal was to be selected for the national cricket team.
  • His zeal earned him a spot on the South Western Districts ‘Under-19’ team. He was a left-arm fast bowler and batsman. He was a tough competitor for other provinces. Pieters was looking forward to being named to the ‘National Under-19’ team. Things do not work out in his favor, and he is unable to join the National team.
  • Pieters relocated to the United Kingdom. Josh was a member of the ‘Burslem Cricket Club’ in Stoke-on-Trent. He was overjoyed and content to be playing in the United Kingdom. After six months, he flew back to Cape Town to continue playing cricket.
  • He used to coach kids in cricket in South Africa. He worked hard at the restaurant as well in order to become financially independent.
  • Josh returned to London to continue his cricket career. Whatever he hoped for, nothing came true due to his medical condition. When he was diagnosed with “Glandular Fever,” his doctor advised him to rest completely.
  • During his illness, he spent the majority of his time with his friend Casper. Casper was already well-known on YouTube. Caspar was planning to launch his own clothing line while he was recuperating. Joshua was invited to join his venture. Joshua, too, found it appealing.
  • Joshua shared a room with a vlogger named Joe. He also joined Casper and Joshua. Joshua found a new path.
  • Joshua began his YouTube journey with a friend, Archie Thomas Manners. Joshua began his YouTube career on July 6, 2015. His channel has received 148 million views in total. In addition, he has a YouTube channel called “Josh Pieters & Archie Manners,” which has 1.43 million subscribers.
  • His first video on his channel is titled “MY BIG MISTAKE.” It has received 758k views, which is quite impressive for a first attempt. Some of his most popular videos include “DID YOU KNOW I’M FAMOUS?,” “MY BIG ACCIDENT,” and “JOSH PIETERS DRAWS HIS LIFE!” They have all received thousands of views.
  • “I Fooled The World With A Fake” With 11 million views, “Ed Sheeran at KSI V Logan Paul” is the most popular video on his channel. ” SPEED DATING BLOOPERS!” “I Flew Katie Hopkins to Prague to Win a Fake Award,” “We Tricked Carole Baskin Into Giving Us Her First Interview Since Tiger King,” and “We Tricked Carole Baskin Into Giving Us Her First Interview Since Tiger King” are among the other videos with over 6 million views.
  • Joshua also has a channel called “More Josh & Archie,” which has 66.7k subscribers. On January 14, 2016, he relaunched his YouTube channel after a year. ”
  • CONOR IS THE WORST DAD” has 362K views, making it the most popular video on the channel. Other videos in the popular category include “DISS TRACK *BLOOPERS*!”, “GUESS THE YOUTUBER – ft Joe Sugg & Byron Langley | BLOOPERS,” and “THE WEAKEST LINK *BLOOPERS* ft XO.”
  • Joshua Pieters’ career had no bounds. He is a writer, director, producer, and actor. Pieters has appeared as himself on TV shows such as “Oli White,” Casper Lee’s “World’s Best Fortune Teller ft. Joe Sugg & Byron Langley,” and “Jack Maynard Vlogs,” to name a few. He wrote and directed “Josh Pieters Vlogs” and “Josh Pieters.” Pieters also produces his vlogs and TV series.