Who Is Jukka Hilden Wife? Facts On Divorce, Kids & Tattoos

Jukka Hilden

Jukka Hilden is a Finnish television actor, writer, and producer who has appeared in shows such as Let It Die (2016), The Dudesons (2006), and Kill Arman (2009).

Furthermore, as one of the most famous members of the stunt group The Dudesons, he has enthralled viewers with his stunts on his Youtube channel The DUDESONS VLOG. The channel currently has over 1.84 million subscribers.

Age, Height, and Bio

Jukka Hilden stands at a height of 5 feet and 11 34 inches (1.82m).

On August 3, 1980, in Seinajoki, Finland, the TV actor was born. His nationality is Finnish.

Jukka is also known by his nickname, Hullu-Jukka The Ringleader, in addition to his given name.

Jukka Hilden’s Wife’s Wedding and Married Life

Jukka Hilden and Chachi Gonzalez have a happy marriage. In September of this year, the couple married.

Chachi was pregnant with the couple’s first child at the time of the wedding. On November 25, 2019, the couple welcomed a baby girl into the world.

When it comes to their first encounters, the pair met during the shooting of the Ultimate Expedition Program in 2018. And, not long after their first meeting, their friendship blossomed, and they became engaged.

Chachi Gonzalez, Jukka’s Mum, Who Is She?

Chachi Gonzales is a member of the dance crew I.aM.mE and a dancer, choreographer, and actress. She is also the winner of the reality show America’s Best Dance Crew’s 2011 season.

In addition, she received the Teen Choreographer of the Year Award at the 2012 World of Dance Industry Awards.

Relationship in the Past

Jukka Hilden previously married Outi Haapasalmi in 2011 after a long-distance relationship. Their marriage, however, could not be sustained for long, and they divorced in 2018.

On March 25, 2018, Jukka announced his divorce on Twitter. They stayed friendly even after the breakup. Sisu and Lili, the ex-two couple’s sons, were born to them together.

In 2010, the couple welcomed their first child, and in 2014, they welcomed their second.

Facts to Ponder

Jukka is well-known for his roles in TV shows such as Sori (2001-2003) and Duudsoni Elämää (2004).
He made a homemade bomb when he was nine years old, which exploded and burned his face.
The actor was in the 2014 film The Legend of Hercules, but his scenes were cut.
“Live hard, live your dream,” Jukka has tattooed on the back of his neck. It represents his enthusiastic approach to life and his desire to savor every moment. In addition, he has a diamond-shaped tattoo on the inside of his lower arm.
Zukka appeared in the film Where the #$&% Is Santa?, which was released in 2008.