Juniper is a Twitch gamer and YouTuber from the United States. Juniper has a verified channel with over 277K subscribers. Furthermore, Juniper’s YouTube channel is well-known for its original GEOMETRY DASH content and other live-stream videos. Juniper, too, is a Twitch gamer. She lives streams games like Minecraft and Among Us.

How old is Juniper?

Juniper gd is a well-known variety of Juniper. Her full name is not available. She was born on November 12, 2003, and is currently 17 years old. Juniper was born under the astrological sign of Scorpio in the United States of America.

Juniper is an American by nationality, and her ethnicity could be White Caucasian. In terms of her family background, no information about her parents is available. None of the other online sources provide any information about what her parents do for a living. She appears to be very private about her personal life, and she has not revealed how many siblings she has.

Education of Juniper

She may be a high school student based on her age. Juniper’s educational background, on the other hand, is far from the spotlight. She is a student at one of the best universities in the United States of America.

How much is Juniper net worth?

Juniper’s primary source of income is YouTube. She is also active on Twitch. She has amassed a sizable sum of money as a result of her hard work and determination. Her net worth is $53 million for someone her age. Without a doubt, she lives a lavish life on her own.

Is Juniper single?

Juniper is a successful young adolescent, so she must be getting a lot of proposals. She is currently career-focused. There are no rumors about her love life. She was, however, in a relationship with Flub, a Geometry Dash YouTuber. She dated him from September 19, 2017 to September 15, 2018. Unfortunately, things did not work out, and the couple split up after only a year of dating. Flub made an appearance on Juniper’s YouTube channel.

Scandals of Juniper

Juniper discovered that numerous bogus accounts were harassing her by sexualizing a 14-year-old (back in 2018). Similarly, YouTube banned her for 90 days in mid-April 2020 after she used a copyrighted anime in one of her videos, “You Laugh, You Lose.” In 2020, followers were labeled as simps for saying they enjoyed Juniper’s content. Juniper was told to perform sexual acts on other members of The Kenos, which he condemned in a TwitLonger post.

How tall is Juniper?

Juniper has a fair complexion. Her hair is straight and light brown. Her natural hair color is blonde. She also has lovely light brown eyes. Based on the few pictures she has, she appears to have a positive aura and an appealing personality. Because teenagers in the United States are quite tall, her weight could be considered average. Her other body measurements are not yet available.

Career line of Juniper

  • Juniper joined YouTube on July 17, 2015. Juniper, her self-titled channel, has 277K subscribers to date. Junifer has a verified channel and is well-known for his live stream and other original Geometry Dash content. After two years, Juniper uploaded her first video, titled “THINGS NOT TO DO WITH YOUR CUSTOM LEVEL – Geometry Dash,” in 2017. It has more than 1 million viewers as of now.
  • Similarly, ‘WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL! | Geometry Dash Juniper’ and “MOM GET THE CAMERA” are two videos that were uploaded quite some time ago.
  • All of the videos have received thousands of views. Unfolding her channel, “PLAYING RECENT LEVELS | Geometry Dash” has 4.1M views, making it the most popular video to date. Similarly, other videos infer the category of the popular videos on her channel are ‘THINGS NOT TO DO WITH YOUR CUSTOM LEVEL – Geometry Dash’ and ‘WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WHOLE TEAM DISCONNECTS?! | Splatoon 2 MYTHBUSTERS | Juniper’
  • Juniper has a verified Twitch account with the name Juniper. Her followers have now surpassed 59.2K. Juniper is also a Twitch gamer. She lives streams games like Minecraft and Among Us. Her videos have been clipped by omega t, eternallunala, and GEOMETRY DASH, to name a few.
  • The most recent live-streamed video is titled ‘Beating Minecraft.’ Within nine hours, it had surpassed 3000 views.
  • ‘AMONG US PROXIMITY BUT IT WORKS THIS TIME’, ‘WILL I BE FOUND TODAY?’ Other live stream videos on her channel include ‘(probably) | Emperor Hunt: Day 3 |!empero’ and ‘(probably) | Emperor Hunt: Day 4 |!empero’. ’17 Again – 2%’have surpassed all other videos in the most viewed videos with 8.3K views. Almost every day, we can watch her gaming videos on live stream.
  • Juniper made a cameo appearance in a video by popular science YouTuber LifeNoggin.
  • Npesta and Juniper competed in the Minecraft Ultimate Hunger Games championship. However, neither of them made it very far before being killed by popular Minecraft Youtuber Technoblade.