Kalden Trainor

Tenzing Trainor, the star of Liv and Maddie, is known as Kalden Trainor’s younger brother. As a YouTube streamer, Kalden Trainor has developed a separate fan base. He is Tenzing Norgay’s grandson, and he was the first person to scale Mt. Everest. @kaldentrainor is Kalden Trainor’s Tik Tok username. He has 603.7K followers on his Instagram account.

How old is Kalden Trainor?

On March 5, 2004, Kalden Trainor was born. In addition, in 2020, he will be sixteen years old. Kalden was born in the California city of Los Angeles. Clark Tulley Trainor is his father’s name, and Deki Trainor is her mother’s name. He is also Tenzing Norgay’s great-grandson.

Kalden, like his siblings, grew up in Florida. Trainor has two younger brothers and sisters. Tenzing and Yonden are his younger brothers. His nationality is American. Trainor is of Nepali Sherpa ethnicity, and his primary religion is Buddhism. In terms of his astrological sign, he was born under the sign of Pisces. Kalden Trainor has a ring in his right nostril and has pierced the right side of his nose.

There is no information regarding his educational background. He might be in high school based on his age. However, we have no idea which school he attended.

How much is Kalden Trainor Net Worth?

Kalden has yet to win any of the awards that have been bestowed upon him by his family. However, like any other Hollywood celebrity, he has a large fan base. Many people admire him because he is Tenzing Trainor’s younger brother. His greatest reward is the overwhelming love he receives from his fans and followers.

Kalden is a social media celebrity at the tender age of 16. He has a Tik Tok account and a YouTube channel. Through his YouTube channel, he has amassed a sizable sum of money. His net worth is expected to be in the $100,000-$1 million range.

Is Kalden Trainor dating someone?

There has been no rumor of him dating anyone up to this point. Trainor is currently more concerned with his career than with his personal life. He’s having the time of his life as a single man, but he’s also looking for that special someone.

How tall is Kalden Trainor?

Trainor stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, according to WikiFamousPeople. He weighs around 60 kg on average. Kalden has a slim build as well. His body measurements, however, are not known as of yet. He has a wonderful brown eye. In addition, his hair color is brown.

Career line of Kalden Trainor

  • On December 27, 2018, Kalden began his YouTube career. He broadcasts Fortnite content on his Youtube channel. Torcharino is his YouTube channel, and he currently has 91 subscribers. His first video, titled ‘Just For Fun!’, has received 489 views to date.
  • His first video, which is also his most popular, is one of his most popular. His other videos on his YouTube channel include, to name a few, ‘BORED’ and ‘JUICE.’
  • He runs two YouTube channels. ‘Kalden & Shayaun’ is another channel. He collaborates with his friend Shayaun Ghamsari to post challenging content, vlogs, and other entertaining videos. ‘Kalden & Shayun’ has 5.36k subscribers as of today.
  • Furthermore, the video titled ‘HILARIOUS PIZZA CHALLENGE!’ was uploaded on May 1, 2016. It’s received nearly 2K views. The videos titled ‘GROSS BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE!’ and ‘INSANE CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE!’ were posted earlier.
  • Similarly, ‘Attempting to Bake a Cake!’ was uploaded on October 13, 2019, and has received over 2.2k views.
  • The videos were uploaded six months ago and are titled ‘Person In Front Of Us Decides What We Eat For 24 HOURS! (DRIVE THRU)’ and ‘Getting TikTok Famous in 24 HOURS!’
  • With more than 55k views, the most popular video is ‘NASTY BURP CHALLENGE FT. TENZING TRAINOR! PART 2′. CHALLENGE TO WHISPER FT. TENZING TRAINOR & CONNOR SAMPLE and It’s Every Month Bro – feat. TCC (Jake Paul parody) are the videos that have received over 40k views. Furthermore, in Liv and Maddie, Dove Cameron played Kalden’s sibling.
  • Kalden Trainor is a Tik Tok celebrity who goes by the handle @kaldentrainor. It has 605k subscribers. His Instagram account has over 23.4 million likes. As a Tik Tok star, Trainor has her own fan base. Kalden is a member of TikTok’s The University of Diversity group.
  • Kalden has also earned the coveted badge of being a top TikTok comedian and a crowned “muser.”
  • Kalden Trainor Caption: Kalden Trainor making a Tik Tok video, image courtesy of Instagram
  • His most recent video is called ‘someone teach me how to do this plz.’ In this video, he is performing a transition challenge. His captioned video, titled ‘blueface baby,’ has 6.5 million views.
  • Similarly, other videos of him with millions of views include ‘the gang has arguments sometimes but it’s ok’ and ‘watch out ladies, the gang is coming’.