Katarina Ekstedt

Facts of Katarina Ekstedt

Name Katarina Ekstedt
Birthday July 10, 1976
Age 46 years
Gender Female
Nationality Swedish
Ethnicity White
Profession Businesswoman
Married/Single Married
Husband Niklas Ekstedt
Education Stockholm University
Instagram katarinaekstedt
Twitter katarinaekstedt
Facebook Katarina-Ekstedt

Niklas Ekstedt, a well-known Swedish chef and restaurant manager, brought his wife Katarina into the spotlight.To learn more about Katarina and her husband Niklas, keep reading the article!

Katarina Ekstedt: Birthday, Age, and Zodiac

In 1976, Katarina Ekstedt was born. She was 44 years old when 2020 began.

On July 10, she was joined by her loved ones in celebrating her birthday. Her horoscope is Cancer because she was born in the month of July.

Wiki about Katarina Ekstedt early years family and nationality

Katarina Ekstedt was raised by her family in Sweden. She had kept secret details about her parents, siblings, and early years, though.

Despite being the wife of a well-known figure, the Swedish native decided to live her life privately.

Size Weight and Unique Features

Katarina Ekstedt weighs 57 pounds and is an impressive five feet eight inches (1.72 meters) tall.

Her height and weight were interesting, but Katarina had more striking physical characteristics. She had blond hair and grey eyes, which are two of her distinguishing attributes.

Being a reserved person, Katarina hardly ever revealed her photo. People have very limited opportunity to frequently see her as a result.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram reach

Katarina looked to be active on social networking sites upon closer scrutiny. She managed the 148 followers on her Instagram account, @katarinaekstedt. Her daily existence was obscure since it was private.

She had 56 followers on her Twitter profile, which she also owned. She didn’t appear to be active on the platform, though.

Job Wealth and Education of Katarina Ekstedt

Following the completion of her studies at Stockholms University, Katarina Ekstedt earned a master’s degree in marketing and economics in 2002. She had, however, begun working before finishing her studies.

Before working as a marketing coordinator at “aStrategi” in 2002, Katarina was a communication manager at “Ericsson” in the year 2000.

The same can be said for Katarina, who gained knowledge in a variety of industries during her stint as marketing manager at “Bonnier Business Publishing” and “Manpokect – Bonnieerforlagen.”

She had also held similar positions at “American Express” and “Pocketforlaget Sverige AB” in addition to “Tukan Forlag” and “Pocketforlaget Sverige AB” as a forfattare and a sales and marketing manager, respectively.

Katarina served as the CEO of “Triumf förlag” as of this writing. She loved spending time with her family and surfing in her leisure time because she is an avid skier and surfer.

Moving on, there was no doubt that she earned a good livelihood from her employment after hearing about how hard she worked. She amassed a net worth of almost $750K during this time.

Dating wed and have children: Niklas & Katarina Ekstedt

Katarina and Niklas Ekstedt were still wed as of August 2020. She married the well-known chef and restaurant proprietor Niklas, who was born on November 28th, 1978, in Järpen, Sweden.

After attending Sweden’s gourmet high schools in Racklöfska, Niklas didn’t take long to launch his career in the food industry. He opened his own restaurant, Niklas’, in Helsingborg shortly after turning 21.

Following his second inauguration of the restaurant in 2003 under the moniker “Niklas I Viken,” Niklas extended his restaurant empire as a result of his first success.

Niklas also hosted a cooking program called Mat on the Swedish national TV network in addition to running restaurants. Additionally, he started participating actively on Instagram, where his followers discovered a feed full of delectable food.

Returning to Katarina and Niklas, the couple had only said a little bit about their dating experiences and how they met. The fact that they were a married couple was, nevertheless, widely known. Vinston and John, the two lovely children born to Katarina and Niklas, are now grown.

Despite the fact that Katarina’s spouse shared less family photos on Instagram. They seemed like a cheerful group.

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Katarina Ekstedt’s husband enjoys ski with their two children at Are, Sweden (Photo: Niklas Ekstedt’s Instagram)